Who is Alicia Moffet Dating? Lets Find Out Alexandre Mentink’s Age, Bio, Height, Career and More! 2023

Who is Alicia Moffet Dating? A well-known Canadian singer named Alicia Moffet is currently single. Alexandre Mentink was her boyfriend, and they were together for about three years. You did read that correctly! Alexandre Mentink was Alicia Moffet’s boyfriend. He used to play ice hockey. But Alicia Moffet seems to be single right now.

She told people on social media that she liked Alex Mentink, which made her more popular. She’s a growing star in the Canadian music business, for sure. The two people met around 2018, and they were together until 2021. And yes, they do have a child together. We should find out more about them.

Who is Alicia Moffet Dating?

At the moment, Alicia Moffet is not dating anyone. Alexandre Mentink, who used to play hockey for Canada, was her boyfriend. On June 1, 2018, they started going out together. Then, in December 2021, she broke up with him on social media, says the Narcity Quebec blog. Alex was born on January 25, 1992, in the United States. Later, he moved with his family to Canada, where he played hockey.

Alexandre Mentink’s Age, Bio, Height, and Career

Alex is 31 years old right now. He is single and has one sister. He started playing hockey when he was a youngster, and he later played for the Wranglers, a well-known hockey team. After that, he started his journey as a business owner. Then, in 2015, he quit the team and began to work toward his goal of making Canada a green country. In order to do that, he became the President of Mentink General Contractor Inc. Alex made the company successful and did a lot in the building business.

So, the company tried to save electricity and make the world a better place. He also told others about this idea and began to focus on solar cells. He also did a lot of advertising in Quebec. He also worked with a company called Kusteez, which made caps and sweaters.

Who is Alicia Moffet Dating?
A former hockey player who is 6 feet and 1 inch tall loves exercise and working out. He weighs 65 kgs and has a strong body.

Billie Lou Mentink, their beautiful girl, was born on July 20, 2019. As we looked through their Instagram, we could see that they spent a lot of time with their daughter. Even though they don’t seem to be together right now, they both take their daughter Billie on vacations alone.

Alexandre Mentink’s Net Worth

At first, Mentink’s work was not stable. He switched from a job in sports to one in business. He used to be a hockey player. Later, he went to work for a building company. Then he started a business making solar panels and worked with a company that made clothes. His net worth is probably between $1 and $2 million right now, and it will definitely go up in the years to come.

Full name:                                       Alexandre Carvalho-Mentink

Age (as of 2023):                             31 years

Birth date:                                        January 25, 1992

Birthplace:                                       United States

Nationality:                                       American

Education:                                         Not known

Parents:                                             Not known

Number of siblings:                           One

Height:                                               6 feet 1 inch

Weight:                                              65 kgs (approximately)

Complexion:                                       Fair

Zodiac sign:                                        Aquarius

Relationship status:                           Presently single

Net Worth:                                          $2 million (estimated)

Ex Girlfriend:                                       Alicia Moffet

Daughter:                                            Billie Lou Mentink


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Who is Alicia Moffet?

Alicia Moffet is a singer from Quebec who won The Next Star in 2013. She was born on July 22, 1998. She put out a few singles and became a very famous pop singer. She also appeared on the French Canadian version of The Voice in 2015. In 2020, she put out her first album with other singers, called Billie Ave. Also, Alicia’s second record, Interwine, came out at the beginning of 2022. She says that her second record shows what she is like.

Who is Alicia Moffet?

Some of her most well-known songs are:

  • “We Just Don’t Care” was played on ‘The Next Star’ on September 9, 2013.
  • “Better watch out for me” on September 16, 2013.
  • “Why Do Boys Lie” came out on March 11, 2014.
  • “Take Control” came out on June 7, 2019.
  • “Beautiful Scar” came out on December 6, 2019.
  • “On Your Mind” will come out in March 2020.
  • “Body High” will come out on June 16, 2020.
  • ”Lullaby”, released on January 14, 2022
  •  Winter Wonderland” in 2022.

Alex is the only guy that Alicia Moffet has ever been with. Yes, you’re right. Before she began dating Alex Mentink in 2018, she broke up with Alex L’Abbee. Isn’t that a strange thing to happen? With Alexandre Mentink, she has a beautiful daughter named Billie Lou Mentink. She once said that after she had her daughter, her breasts got so big that they made her feel awkward. So, on January 22, 2020, she had surgery to shrink her breasts.

Full name:                                         Alicia Moffet

Date of birth:                                     22 July 1998

Place of birth:                                     Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

College:                                              University of Canada

Occupation:                                        Singer, Songwriter, Actress

Age:                                                   24 years

Nationality:                                         Canadian

Height:                                               5 feet 3 inches (approximately)

Weight:                                               50 kgs (approximately)

Complexion:                                        Fair

Zodiac sign:                                         Cancer

Relationship:                                       Presently single

Ex-boyfriend:                                       Alexandre Mentink (2018-2021)

Children:                                             One daughter named Billie Lou Mentink

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is Alicia Moffet?

Canadian singer and songwriter Alicia Moffet is from that country. She is also well-known and influential on social media.

Who is the Boyfriend of Alicia Moffet?

The singer is not dating anyone at the moment. Alexandre Mentink, a former hockey player, was her serious boyfriend for about three years.

How Many Kids Does Alicia Moffet Have?

Yes, Alicia Moffet and her ex-boyfriend Alex Mentink have a cute daughter called Billie Lou Mentink.

What Age is Alicia Moffet?

She is 24 years old right now.

Where is Alex Mentink Right Now?

At the moment, he is working as a businessman in Canada.

Does Alex Mentink Have a Partner?

No, he doesn’t seem to be with anyone right now.


Alicia Moffet is a Canadian singer and pop star who is very well known. Both her albums and her songs have gotten a lot of attention. She is definitely a growing star and has gotten a lot of attention for being so young. People are always interested in what a celebrity does in their free time.

Alicia is not the only one. People on the Internet want to know about Alicia Moffet’s boyfriend and other things. In this piece, we show you what her personal life is like. I hope the story was interesting. Keep coming back to our website for more news and updates like these.

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