Who is Adam Brown’s Wife Chen Cheng? A Look at His Wife Wikipedia and Age in 2023

Who is Adam Brown’s Wife Chen Cheng? This story is about Adam Brown, a college professor, and his wife, Chen Cheng, who died in April 2022 after being killed by Brown.

Miss Chen Cheng, who was 35 years old, was stabbed multiple times by her husband Adam Brown in their Croydon North home during a fight.

She was a kind and caring mother, a loving daughter, and a good friend. Cheng’s mother, Liu Min, said that her daughter’s murder was “like a pain in her heart that never goes away.”

Miss Min couldn’t believe that her kind and loving daughter, Chen, had been killed in the safest place possible.

In April 2022, Chen was killed by her own husband, Adam Brown, who was a college professor. This brings up a lot of questions about how safe people are in their own homes.

Adam Brown, the person who killed Chen Cheng, has been in jail for 24 years. Now, Chen Cheng’s whole family can finally feel like justice has been done.

People want to know about Chen Cheng’s life, like what she did on Wikipedia and how old she was, after she died in a terrible accident, and we’ve got you covered.

Stay with us until the end to find out more about Chen Cheng, Adam Brown’s dead wife.

Who is Adam Brown’s Wife Chen Cheng?

Chen Cheng, Adam Brown’s wife, died on April 30, 2023. During a fight with her husband, which was very sad, he killed her.

Chen was a kind and caring lover, mother, and daughter. She was very kind to her neighborhood and friends.

Cheng was born in China, but she later went to Australia and got her master’s degree in construction management there.

She got married to Adam Brown, a professor at Deakin University, in 2017. Three years after their wedding, they had their first child, a son named Luke.

Who is Adam Brown's Wife Chen Cheng?

A well-educated woman’s life was cut short by her own partner, who should have been her defender and safety shield.

On April 30, after 10 p.m., her body was found in a pool of blood in the backyard of their home in Melbourne, Croydon North.

Also, Adam Brown’s wife, Chen Cheng, was said to be the “biggest source of pride for the whole extended family.”

After she married Adam Brown in 2017, the two of them went through a lot of hard times. The marriage was in danger because the couple had a very bad relationship and fought most of the time.

Ms. Chen also had a mental illness because the birth of her son was stressful and because her husband’s job was unstable, which caused the couple to fight a lot.

Cheng’s mother, Min Liu, said that her daughter was in a bad and sad marriage. So, she talked to Chen a lot while he was in Australia.


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Chen Cheng Wikipedia And Age

After her sad death, people are looking on Wikipedia to find out where Chen Cheng was and how old she was. Well, not much is known about her personal life because she lived a normal life until she died, just like most people.

Who is Adam Brown's Wife Chen Cheng?

But we do know that Chen was a student in Australia who got her master’s degree in building management. She was a kind daughter and a loving mother to her son, as was already said.

In 2017, she got married to Adam Brown, but after a few fights, their love started to fade a little bit. Even though she got into fights, Chen stayed strong for her family and son.

Chen Cheng was 35 years old when she died, which is her age. She was born in China in the year 1988.

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