Who is 50 Cent Dating? When did Cuban Link and 50 Cent Start Dating?

Who is 50 Cent Dating? 50 Cent has kept his connection with Jamira Haines, also known as Cuban Link, pretty quiet.

At the season 6 premiere of his TV show Power, the rapper (born Curtis Jackson) and the fitness teacher made their first appearance on the red carpet. Since then, they’ve kept making public appearances together and occasionally shared a rare look at their relationship on social media.

They rarely talk about their relationship in public, but the singer of “In Da Club” did tell PEOPLE that his girlfriend is “cool” and that she “has her own ideas and her own direction” soon after they were first seen together. So, who does 50 Cent go out with? Here are all the facts about Jamira “Cuban Link” Haines.

Who is 50 Cent Dating?

At the moment, 50 Cent is dating Cuban Link, whose real name is Jamira Haines. According to reports, the pair met in 2019 and has been together for three years. Cuban Link has a lot of followers on social media, and he has helped 50 Cent with his business.

Who is 50 Cent Dating?

The rapper has said that he likes women who go their own way and have their own ideas, which fits with Cuban Link’s independence. Since the first time they met, they have always been together. This makes it seem like their relationship is going well.

Jamira ‘Cuban Link’ Haines is a 25-year-old model and Instagram personality. She works as a fitness teacher and has her own business, Cuban Fit. Her Instagram bio says that she also wants to be a business lawyer. Haines has 1.7 million Instagram fans and over 6,400 YouTube subscribers.

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People say that 50 Cent and Haines have been dating since 2019, but no one knows for sure when their relationship began. 50 Cent told People magazine that he and Haines made vision boards to make their relationship better.

The artist told the magazine, “I told her for 30 days, ‘Send me a picture of something you want.'” “I did the same thing after 30 days. In the end, we put the two vision boards next to each other and talked about what didn’t fit.

Who is 50 Cent Dating?

“It led to conversations we probably wouldn’t have had on our own, and because it’s so early, it was easier for us to talk about it.” Haines was brought into 50 Cent and The Game’s long-running fight on March 25, 2022. The Game accused the model and celebrity of having DMed him, and he said so on Instagram.

He shared a picture of 50 Cent’s head on a rotisserie chicken with the caption, “Hit @therealswizzz and @timbaland ASAP and stop running from this verzuz. “Oh, and tell that girl to stay out of my direct messages if she doesn’t want her man to be overweight, fat as f***, and hanging upside down like a Super Bowl rotisserie chicken.”

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50 Cent Dating History

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, has been pretty private about who he dates. However, over the years, he has been tied to a number of women. Based on what we know, here is an outline of 50 Cent’s dating history:

Shaniqua Tompkins

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, 50 Cent was in a long-term relationship with Shaniqua Tompkins. Together, they had a son named Marquise Jackson in 1997. But eventually, they broke up, and since then, it’s been hard for them to work together as co-parents.

Vivica A. Fox

From 2003 to 2004, 50 Cent and actress Vivica A. Fox went on and off dates. They met for the first time at the 2003 Vibe Awards, and their romance was very public. But their relationship didn’t last long, and they broke up in the middle of a public fight.


In 2007, 50 Cent was with singer Ciara for a short time. They were seen together at different events and on red carpets, which made people think they were dating. After a few months, though, they broke up, and they both went on to other things.

Chelsea Handler

In 2010, Chelsea Handler, a comedian and talk show host, and 50 Cent went out for a short time. They told everyone they were dating, and they were often seen together. But their relationship finished on good terms, and they stayed friends afterward.

Daphne Joy

50 Cent dated model and actress Daphne Joy. They have a boy together named Sire Jackson, who was born in 2012. Their relationship had its fair share of drama and legal problems, like a custody fight that everyone knew about. Even though it was hard, they managed to raise their son together.

Jamira Haines (Cuban Link)

50 Cent is dating Jamira Haines, who is also known as Cuban Link. The first time they were seen in public together was at the 2019 opening of the sixth season of his TV show “Power.” Since then, they have gone to events together and sometimes post about their romance on social media.


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