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The universe of Love Is Blind has expanded. Netflix has released The Ultimatum: Queer Love, a similarly binge-worthy sequel to The Ultimatum. The series follows five gay couples in which one partner is preparing to wed and has issued an ultimatum to the other.

After spending time at a luxurious resort at the beginning of the season, the couples break up and initiate trial marriages with one of the other contestants. After viewing The Ultimatum: Queer Love’s luxurious villas, fans who have binge-watched the series since its premiere on May 24 may ponder where the resort scenes were shot.

Where Was The Ultimatum Queer Love Filmed?

What better place to have your heart crushed than sunny San Diego, California? The Ultimatum: Queer Love was filmed in a southern California city.

The first season of The Ultimatum: Queer Love was reportedly filmed in San Diego between September and November of 2021, as reported by Bustle.

San Diego, renowned for its beaches, Balboa Park, and zoo, is also home to a vast selection of world-class restaurants, coffee stores, and bars.

The exterior shots of the program clearly indicated that it was filmed in San Diego, California. If the skyline and landmarks weren’t enough, several Southern California restaurants were also used as filming locations.

What Is The Release Date Of The Ultimate Queer Love Filmed?

On May 24, 2023, It has released the first season of The Ultimatum Queer Love, and many are curious as to where it was filmed. As the first season of The Ultimatum or its sibling show Love Is Blind features an all-same-gender cast, anticipation for The Ultimatum Queer Love has reached a fever pitch.

Along with the location of the upcoming season, a teaser trailer has now been released. You will see this in the ahead paragraph, where it was filmed.

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Who Were The Cast Members In The Ultimatum Queer Love?

Unlike the original seasons of Ultimatum and Love Is Blind, however, the Queer Love cast did not reside in the region. Yoly Rojas and Mal Wright were from Chicago, while Xander and Vanessa were from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Lexi Goldberg was born and reared in nearby Los Angeles.

In JoAnna Garcia Swisher’s “The Ultimatum Queer Love,” the couples have eight weeks to make a significant life decision. One partner in each couple is prepared for marriage, while the other has doubts. Each individual will choose a new spouse for a three-week trial marriage after receiving an ultimatum.

They will then resume their original relationship for three additional weeks. Each original couple will either become engaged, depart with a new partner, or leave alone at the conclusion.

Where Does The Ultimatum Queer Love Take Place?

The Ultimatum Queer Love was filmed in San Diego, California, per AZ Filming Location. San Diego is a popular location for reality star production. The Ultimatum franchise necessitates multiple filming locations, as couples are initially brought together before being separated and requested to date in different hotels.

When new couples are formed, they are transported to their apartments to live together for several weeks. In conclusion, the original couples are reunited. As demonstrated in The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On, cast members can work while cohabiting.

When Was The Filming Of The Ultimatum Queer Love?

Due to the fact that it was filmed between September and November of 2021, this television series is reminiscent of a bygone era. The Queer Love season, which was initially Season 2 of The Ultimatum Marry or Moves On before it was determined that this would be an entirely new series, was reportedly already in post-production when the premiere of the first season occurred in May 2023.

As for a reunion, cast members have stated that the Queer Love crew reunited in January 2023 to film a reunion special. Now, Netflix has officially announced a reunion, so consider this with a grain of salt.

Locations: Where The Ultimatum Queer Love was filmed?

San Diego is located in California

The filming of The Ultimatum: Queer Love occurred in balmy San Diego. The adjacent beaches, beautiful zoo, and tens of thousands of high-end restaurants make it an ideal location for a filming location.

They focused on establishments located throughout the city, such as The Yasai and the beaches of San Diego: La Jolla Cove, Coronado Beach, and Pacific Beach. Everywhere in San Diego is an adventure due to the city’s vibrancy.

There are numerous locations to remember when you visit San Diego, from coffee shops to wine bars like Shake and Muddle to the Gaslamp Quarter. All of these locations featured conversations from the series, demonstrating that despite the beauty of the location, a relationship argument can still occur.

Where Can You Watch The Ultimatum Queer Love?

On the Internet information, This web Series has launched, and you can watch it on Netflix. Enjoy your free time. Also, you can expand through your words. What you watch in the web series and you can share your experience with others.

What Is The Rating Of The Ultimatum Queer Love?

According to IMDb ratings, It is overall 7 ratings out of 10 of the Queer Love Ultimatum. There is one of the ratings of the web series. Now, it is easy to watch for you. this series got the best ratings in season one. What will be expanded or not above 7 ratings total?


Couples can also be seen hanging out on the shore, so schedule a few seaside excursions. San Diego is famous for its beaches and harbors, so whether you want to surf, relax, or take Instagram-worthy pictures of the sunset, you can find the perfect place to hang out.

Hopefully, your time spent traveling to various filming locations for Ultimatum: Queer Love will have a happier ending than some of the couples on the show. If you have any queries then write in the comment box below at http://tmcassam.org.

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