Where is Waihiga Mwaura Going After Leaving Citizen TV? Lets Talk About His Joining BBC, Journalism Job and More Info! 2023

Where is Waihiga Mwaura Going After Leaving Citizen Tv? After leaving Citizen TV, a lot of people want to know where Waihiga Mwaura is going. Waihiga Mwaura has been a good journalist for more than ten years. In 2009, he began working at Citizen TV as a sports anchor. In January 2017, he became a news anchor for the main news broadcast.

In October 2020, he was given the job of editor of the special projects desk. In December 2021, he was given the job of managing editor of multimedia. His ability to change and adapt has been clear over the course of his work.

Mwaura has gotten a lot of praise and awards for his hard work and commitment. In 2018, he won the BBC Komla Dumor Award. In 2012, CNN gave him the MultiChoice Award.

Where is Waihiga Mwaura Going After Leaving Citizen Tv?

After leaving his job as Managing Editor, Multimedia at Citizen TV, Mwaura will become a reporter for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

During his time at the media Company, he has made a big difference in news. He was best known for being the host of Citizen TV’s News Night, a political news show that has a lot of fans.

Mwaura tweeted on Tuesday that he was leaving Royal Media Services and that he was going to work for BBC News, especially as part of the Focus on Africa team. The journalist didn’t give a lot of information about his new job, but he said that he would soon.

Many of Mwaura’s fans are surprised that he is leaving Royal Media Services because they are used to seeing him on TV. But it gives him a big chance to learn more and make a bigger difference in the news.

Waihiga Mwaura is Joining BBC

Waihiga Mwaura has agreed to be the host of the BBC TV show Focus on Africa. He wrote about this on his Twitter page, where he also said that he was leaving his job at Citizen TV Kenya. A BBC representative revealed the news and said that they were excited to have Mwaura join the team.

The spokesperson also said that Mwaura was the best choice for the award-winning show because of his skills, the way he tells stories, and his appearance on-screen.

Where is Waihiga Mwaura Going After Leaving Citizen TV?

They also praised how hard he worked to cover important news stories for people in Africa. This is in line with the BBC’s goal to give people around the world accurate and fair news coverage.

Focus on Africa TV’s new host, Mwaura, is important because this is the first time that the show will be hosted from Africa. This is in line with the BBC’s plan to invest in Africa and help local talent.


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Waihiga Mwaura’s Journalism Job

In 2008, Waihiga Mwaura got an internship at the Business Desk of Nation Media Group. This was the start of his work as a journalist.

After his internship, he worked for a short time at a bank before becoming a writer at Royal Media Services in 2009. He was the host of several shows at Royal Media Services, such as the Power Breakfast Show, Citizen Weekend, and the Zinduka Show.

Where is Waihiga Mwaura Going After Leaving Citizen Tv?

He kept doing well in his job, and in 2015, he got the Mohammed Amin Africa Award, which is given to journalists who do great work in Africa.

His many awards and honors show how much he cares about sharing stories and doing journalism that helps people.

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