Where is Pushpa? The Rule Teaser Is Here! Also, Audience Review for Pushpa Part 1!

The Pushpa 2 crew, which stars Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna, Explore Rashmika Mandanna’s Net Worth! has created quite a stir by sharing an unusual video and behind-the-scenes photos from the production. The much-anticipated teaser for the film and its ‘flower nahi, fire hai’ theme was revealed on Twitter on Friday (April 7). The trailer concentrates on the search for Pushpa amid riots and police dictatorship and will undoubtedly pique your interest.

Pushpa: The Rule Teaser Is Here!

The makers of  How much has Arjun Earned? Allu Arjun’s Puspa: The Rule has finally released the first teaser trailer for the film, and it’s plenty to get fans excited. The trailer starts with the police and his men looking for Pushpa. Blood-stained clothing with bullet marks is discovered during the search.

During the search, rioting erupted, and crowds began to scream “Pushpa Zindabad.” Soon after, a video from a night camera is made public in which a Tiger is shown first, followed by Pushpa, who is seen covering himself with a sheet. He then strikes his famous ‘jhukega nahi’ pose, and we can’t stop laughing.

Where is Pushpa?

Previously, the makers released a special film titled ‘Where is Pushpa?‘ in which they revealed that he escaped from Tirupati prison with bullet wounds and is now on the run. There were also some short pictures of riots and people going nuts on the streets in the movie. Pushpa 2 is a forthcoming Indian action thriller film. What is the release date for Pushpa 2?

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Audience Review for Pushpa Part 1 (2021)

  • Icon Star Allu Arjun Is caring this whole Movie on his shoulder, his acting and Reaction are Extraordinary & Unmatchable. Rashmika’s Acting looks better. Typical Sukumar Film could have been better with great synopsis&Screenplay. Great FiratHalf, StoryMovable SecondHalf. Fans Full Craze on Samantha’s song Over the Country. Fast pace Climax. A good film watchable in theatres.
  • Could have been shorter, a few songs were unnecessary, few romantic scenes were very out of context… Otherwise a good movie, with nice cinematography, and a good show… Hopping 3hr movie… The second half could have ended much earlier, but they had to introduce a few characters and the tussle between them for the next part. Overall good…

Where is Pushpa

  • Just saw it in Prime this week. Well directed movie and all actors performed gr8, especially Allu Arjun did fantastic in each and every expression. Good to watch. Samantha, just for one song though, she nailed it and looked soooo cute as usual. Although my mother tongue is Tamil, I love watching many Telugu films. This film is a real mass with a new style. Telugu directors are outstandingly doing a great job. Overall the team performed a brilliant and awesome job.

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