Where is Pum Hupp Now? Why She Murdered Betsy Faria?

Where is Pum Hupp Now? If you’ve been watching NBC’s The Thing About Pam, you’ve probably been screaming at the TV as you watch the police and the district attorney mess up the murder case at the center of the limited series. In The Thing About Pam, the true-crime Dateline podcast about the 2011 murder of an insurance worker in Missouri named Betsy Faria, her husband’s wrong conviction, and Betsy’s best friend Pam Hupp’s evil plan to put an innocent man in jail is brought to life.

Over the course of six episodes, the police don’t do simple things like read Russ Faria his rights. They also ignore and sometimes hide proof, which is another sign of corruption. And we haven’t even talked about the district attorney, Leah Askey, who is so focused on getting a conviction that she falls for Pam Hupp’s tricks. Mix in some small-town, good-ol’-boy (or good-ol’-girl) politics, and you have a wrong decision about justice. Russ Faria’s lawyer, luckily, saw that he was innocent and worked hard to get justice for his client. Find out what really happened to Pam Hupp and where she is now by reading on.

Who is Pum Hupp?

Pamela Marie Hupp has been accused of killing someone. She is in prison for life at the Chillicothe Correctional Center in Missouri. Betsy Faria was killed in her Missouri home in 2011. This shocked the people who lived there. On the night she was killed, her friend Pam Hupp drove her home from chemo. Four days earlier, Betsy had made Hupp the only recipient of her $150,000 life insurance policy.

Where is Pum Hupp Now?

When Betsy’s body was found with more than 50 stab wounds, her husband, Russell Faria, was the first person people thought had done it. Blood was all over the couple’s house, making it look like there had been a violent fight there. Pam Hupp was the last person to see Betsy living. She told police that Faria had a bad temper and gave them a note that she said Betsy had written, saying she was afraid her husband would kill her.

Where is Pum Hupp Now?

Russell Faria was found not guilty of killing his wife a year after Pam Hupp, a friend of the woman who was killed, was arrested and charged with murder. Hupp was charged with killing Louis Gumpenberger because she had set him up to look like an intruder as part of a plan to make Faria look like a dangerous person. Hupp said that Faria hired Gumpenberger to threaten her life, but he later made a “best-interest plea” in 2019, which means he admitted that there was enough evidence to convict her. This saved her from getting the death sentence, but she got a life sentence in jail instead.

Where is Pum Hupp Now?

After that, authorities looked into Betsy Faria’s case again, and in July 2021, they charged Hupp with killing her. Russell Faria said that he was happy with what had happened and that he was looking forward to helping with the hearing. Hupp has pleaded not guilty in the trial that is still going on, and the prosecutors are asking for the death sentence because the crime was so terrible and evil.

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Because Hupp’s role in the case is so strange and complicated, it has gotten a lot of attention. Her past of being involved in suspicious deaths, including her own staged home invasion in 2016, made people wonder if she had anything to do with Betsy Faria’s death. The review of the case has made it possible to look at Hupp’s role in the murder more closely. Prosecutors are trying to figure out what she was thinking and what she did before the murder. People who are interested in the case and people, in general, will pay close attention to how the trial turns out.

Was Pam Hupp Convicted of Betsy Faria Murder?

Faria’s homicide investigation was restarted after Pam Hupp made an Alford plea in the Gumpenberger case to avoid the death penalty. Betsy Faria was stabbed to death in December 2011. In July 2021, Pam Hupp was charged with first-degree murder and dangerous criminal action. She said she wasn’t guilty. The charge of using a weapon in a crime was dropped, but she is still being charged with murder. After her public attorney died of a heart attack, a preliminary hearing for February 2022 had to be moved back. At this point, Hupp’s hearing might not happen for a long time.

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The Thing About Pam, a true-crime podcast, follows the 2011 murder of insurance worker Betsy Faria in Missouri, her husband’s wrong conviction, and her best friend Pam Hupp’s plan to put an innocent man in jail. The show highlights the corruption and manipulation in the police and district attorney’s actions. Russ Faria’s lawyer, Leah Askey, fought for justice for his client, Pam Hupp. Hupp was charged with killing Louis Gumpenberger in July 2021, but was later found not guilty. The case has gained attention due to Hupp’s involvement in suspicious deaths, including a 2016 home invasion. The trial continues, with prosecutors seeking to determine Hupp’s role in the murder.

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