Where is Pamela Anderson Now? What is Pamela Anderson Doing Now?

Where is Pamela Anderson Now? Pamela Anderson spends time in both Canada and France, but she lives in Canada right now. She has lived in Canada for a few years and now considers it her home. She likes how peaceful and wild Canada is, as well as how strong the sense of community is. Pamela Anderson was one of the most famous models and actresses of the 1990s.

Her Playboy spreads and TV parts on Home Improvement, Baywatch, and other shows shot her to the top of the A-list. Even though the blonde beauty has kept a low profile in recent years, she is still making her mark on the entertainment business. Read on to find out about Pamela Anderson back then and now, what you can expect from the famous actress, and more.

Where is Pamela Anderson Now?

Pamela Anderson has now been alive for 55 years. The star has now moved back to her home country of Canada, where she lived with her ex-husband Dan Hayhurst before they got a divorce.

Where is Pamela Anderson Now?

Pamela and Tommy had two boys together. Brandon Thomas was born in 1996, and Dylan Jagger was born in 1997. Both of them are now working in show business.

The Baywatch actress has turned her attention to helping others. She started The Pamela Anderson Foundation, a group that supports the rights of people, animals, and the earth.

What Happened to Pamela Anderson?

Fans know the actress Pamela for her leading part on Baywatch and her signature red swimsuit. However, she has also had leading roles in a number of other TV shows and movies. Some of her other well-known roles are in Barb Wire, V.I.P., Scary Movie 3, Stacked, Package Deal, and City Hunter. The last movie she was in was Alone at Night, which came out in 2022.

In April 2022, Pamela made her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in the popular classic show Chicago. The audience at New York’s Ambassador Theatre gave her a standing ovation. In March, the skilled voice actress told Good Morning America, “I just feel like this is really my chance to shine for once.” “This is a rare thing for me to do for myself.”

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What is Pamela Anderson Doing Now?

Pamela Anderson is now putting most of her time and energy into her activism work, which includes fighting for animal rights and protecting the earth. She is a strong supporter of these causes and wants to make the world a better place. Anderson is an activist, but she is also a writer, model, and actress, and she works in these fields as well.

Who is Pamela Anderson’s Husband?

On Christmas Eve 2020, Pamela quietly married her bodyguard, Dan Hayhurst, in a small ceremony in the backyard of her home on Vancouver Island, Canada. However, they broke up in January 2022.

Where is Pamela Anderson Now?

A source told Us Weekly at the time that Pamela rushed into the marriage and that the Playboy model was “having regrets” about how quickly they got together. “She thought that getting married would be a new start, but the spark has gone out.”

The Broadway actress has been married to five guys a total of six times. Pamela was also married to John Peters for 12 days in January 2020. She says they were never formally married, though. She was married to professional poker player Rick Salomon from September 2007 to February 2008. After that, she got the marriage dissolved, but she and Rick got back together and got married again in 2014. They divorced for good in April of the following year.

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Pamela was also in a relationship on and off with the singer Kid Rock. They got engaged in 2002 but broke up the next year. In the end, they got married in July 2006. Then, a year later, they went their different ways. She was also well-known for being married to Tommy Lee.


Pamela Anderson, a 55-year-old actress, and model, has moved back to Canada after a few years. She is known for her Playboy spreads and TV parts on Home Improvement and Baywatch. Anderson has also appeared in various TV shows and movies, including Barb Wire, V.I.P., Scary Movie 3, Stacked, Package Deal, and City Hunter. She also made her Broadway debut in Chicago in April 2022. Anderson is now focusing on activism, fighting for animal rights, and protecting the earth. She has been married to five men, including John Peters, Rick Salomon, Kid Rock, and Tommy Lee.

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