Where is Nichol Kessinger Now? Was Nichol Kessinger Involved in The Murder?

Where is Nichol Kessinger Now? Nichol Kessinger is a normal American woman who became famous when she started dating the killer Chris Watts. In August 2018, the man who used to be her boyfriend was found guilty of killing his pregnant wife and two other children. But before Watts pleaded guilty, the notorious criminal said that his partner Nichol was also involved in the family crime.

Well, the story is pretty scary, and it can give you chills. A lot of people want to know what really happened and if Kessinger had anything to do with it.

Who is Nichol Kessinger?

Chris Watts used to date Kessinger, but they broke up. She was born in Colorado, USA, in 1988. She is now 34 years old. There isn’t a lot of information about her childhood. But Dwayne Kessinger is the name of her father. He works with electricity.

Dwayne went to Red Rocks Community College and got a degree in engineering, which is something else she said about her dad. Then, in 1984, he began his job as an Industrial Electrician. From 2017 to 2021, he was the Engineering Manager for RK Mission Critical, and from May 2021 to February 2022, he was the Electrical Controls & Power Engineer. In the same way, Kessinger works for Easter-Owens Electric Co. as an Electrical Engineering Specialist.

Where is Nichol Kessinger Now?

After telling the Colorado Bureau of Investigation what she knew, Nichol hasn’t been seen since. Kissinger is now living under a new name, but her exact position hasn’t been found yet. Before her partner was caught, Kissinger used to live in her house in Arvada, Colorado. She now moved out of her old home and began her new life.

Where is Nichol Kessinger Now?

Other than that, no one knows where she is or what she is doing right now. But many people think Nichol has joined a program to protect witnesses. She also said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s hard to go out in public sometimes for a couple of years.”

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How Did Nichol Kessinger and Chris Watts Meet?

Nichol Kessinger met her then-boyfriend at the company where they both worked. At the time, Kessinger worked in the environmental department, and Watts was an operator. She told the Denver Post that Watts and the other workers would always wait in the break room before going to work. Nichol never talked to him, though.

Later, in the middle of June 2018, Watts himself went to her office room, which is where he and she met. Watts was still married to his then-wife Shanann Cathryn Rzucek at the time, but he didn’t wear a wedding ring, which made Nichol think well of him. They soon began to see each other often at work. After a while, Chris also told her that he and his wife had just split up. He also said that he and his then-wife have two children together.

They met off-duty for the first time in late June. Nichol also asked him at the time what was going on with his split from his wife. He told her that their divorce was almost done and that they were just trying to work out their money problems. At the time, he was still formally married to his wife. Slowly, by early July of that year, they were also getting closer together. Four or five times a week, they used to get together. Chris called his lover at the end of July and told her that the divorce was over.

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Was Nichol Kessinger Involved in The Murder?

In an interview with the case’s investigators, it was said that Nichol deleted some of the texts she sent to Chris, which is strange and makes it hard to know if she was involved in the murder or not. But she explained it in a two-hour chat by saying:

Where is Nichol Kessinger Now?

“I was just kinda grossed out by him. I didn’t know what was going on right now. You just lied to me and I don’t wanna see this come over my phone again. So I removed it. I deleted all of his stuff because he lied to me. It was the hurt that made me delete it.”

Even though there is no proof that she had anything to do with the disappearances, many people thought she was very guilty during the interview. In the same way, there were a lot of holes in her story. For example, she didn’t start looking for wedding dresses online until about two months after she started dating him. No matter what the case was, though, detectives couldn’t find any proof that she was involved.

But some people still think she is just as guilty as the killer, and her relationship with the murderer led to more problems. Later, the media called her a “home-wrecker” and some people called her a “murderer’s mistress.”


Nichol Kessinger, 34, became famous after dating killer Chris Watts in 2018. Watts was found guilty of killing his wife and two children in August 2018, and Kessinger claimed that her partner was also involved in the family crime. Kessinger, born in 1988, is now living under a new name and has not been seen since.

They met at a company where Kessinger worked, and they began seeing each other at work. Kessinger deleted some of her texts from Watts, but detectives couldn’t find any proof of her involvement. Some people still think she is just as guilty as the killer, and her relationship with Watts led to more problems.

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