Where is Lionel Messi Going After He Leaves PSG? Find Out Where They Think the Best Player of All Time Will Be Going Next! 2023

Where is Lionel Messi Going After He Leaves PSG? Fans are starting to talk about “Where is Lionel Messi going?” now that the news of his leaving is almost certain.

People have started to Google, “Where Is Lionel Messi Going?” as they talk about where the best player of all time might go next.

After a career like his, many teams want to add him to their team, even if he’s nearing the end of his. However, there’s always the money to think about.

Lionel Messi has been banned from playing for Paris Saint-German for two weeks. The Argentine star is said to have broken the club’s rules by going abroad without telling the club.

Even the fans of the Parisian club were upset with the world cup winner, and they met at the club’s offices to chant insults at him.

Fabrizio Romano, a well-known sports journalist, also said that the Argentine star will leave Paris at the end of the season and that the search for his next club has already begun.

Where is Lionel Messi Going After He Leaves PSG? A New Club and a Deal

Fans want to know, “Where is Lionel Messi going?” as it’s almost certain that the story about Lionel Messi leaving is true.

People are starting to google “Where is Lionel Messi going?” to find out where they think the best player of all time will be going next.

The best place for the number 30 of PSG to go is Barcelona. Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona are without a doubt one of the biggest love stories in football. However, they had to break up two years ago because of money problems.

Where is Lionel Messi Going After He Leaves PSG?

Lionel Messi hopes to go home after spending the last two years of his deal in Paris. Even the fans of the Catalan club have said they want Messi to come back. During the 10th minute of every home game, they sing his name.

Messi is very popular in Barcelona, so it would be good for him and his family to move back there. But as usual in Barcelona, a deep financial study will be needed to make sure they can afford to have him back.

Fans have also said they don’t like the Brazilian winger Neymar, who is a good friend of Messi’s and plays on the same team. People got together in front of his house to scream at him.

Reports say Messi will spend his two-week ban in Barcelona, which is where he usually lives. Lionel Messi takes every chance he gets to go back to Spain and see his old FC Barcelona friends.


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Inter Miami Could Be Another Choice.

David Beckham, a famous English soccer player, now owns the American soccer team Inter Miami FC. The charismatic English player has always talked about how much he likes and wants Lionel Messi to join his team.

It would be a good deal for both teams because having such a great player would give the American club a lot of chances to sell itself. At the same time, Lionel Messi would get to live the famous American way for the rest of his career.

Where is Lionel Messi Going After He Leaves PSG?

People thought that when David Beckham went to see Lionel Messi at PSG training last week, he might have been hoping to convince Lionel to stay.

But as of right now, it hasn’t been confirmed. It’s hard to get a world winner to join your club.

The season is almost over, and the answer to the question of what will happen to Messi will be found during the trade window.

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