Where is Laura Ingraham Going After She Leaves Fox? Does Fox News Really Fire the Host? 2023

Where is Laura Ingraham Going After She Leaves Fox? There have been a lot of rumors that Laura Ingraham from Fox News has been fired. A lot of people said on Twitter that the network’s evening show had been fired.

Laura Ingraham is an American TV host who is best known for her show The Ingraham Angle on Fox News Channel.

Since October 2017, the University of Virginia grad has been in charge of the show. Ingraham is not only a host, but she is also the head writer of LifeZette.

The popular radio show The Laura Ingraham Show was once led by a famous TV figure. Laura’s wonderful work has brought her a lot of fame and success.

Does Fox News really fire the host? Find out how true the story really is.

Where is Laura Ingraham Going After She Leaves Fox? Does She Fire?

No, Laura Ingraham hasn’t been let go. She still has shows on Fox News that she hosts. Online reports were shot down by cable news, which said that Ingraham is now and will always be its most famous show and an important part.

The idea that Ingraham would be fired spread like wildfire after the Drudge Report said that Fox News was making big changes to its evening lineup.

On May 17, 2023, the Drudge Report put out a title that sounded like an alarm. It hinted at the big changes coming to the cable news network’s schedule.

The website also said that Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld would move to prime time and that Tucker Carlson’s old 8 p.m. time spot would be taken over by Sean Hannity.

Where is Laura Ingraham Going After She Leaves Fox?

A Fox News representative responded to the story by saying that no choice has been made about a new evening lineup and that they are looking at more than one option.

Jon Cooper, a Democratic organizer, jumped in with the crazy claim that Laura Ingraham had been fired from Fox News. Waiting for the network to make it official.”

After Drudge Report’s story, the Democratic supporter sent out a tweet. Cooper said something crazy, even though Drudge Report never said that Laura was fired.

The network makes a second public remark later. The spokesman for a cable news network slammed the talk, saying that stories about many tweets from left-wing activists are wildly wrong.

The source said that Laura Ingraham is one of the most popular women in television news and that she will always be a key part of Fox News and a well-known show.


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Laura Ingraham Started Working for Fox News in 2008.

In 2008, Laura Ingraham signed on with Fox News Channel. The cable news network that has been in charge for a long time gave her a three-week test run for a new show called “Just In.”

Over time, the man from Glastonbury became an important part of the network. In October 2017, she began hosting The Ingraham Angle, a new show on Fox News Channel.

Laura worked as a reporter for CBS before she joined Fox News. She also ran the show Watch It! on MSNBC. In 1996, she became a host for MSNBC, which was her first job in TV.

Ingraham’s parents, Anne and James Frederick Ingraham III, raised her in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

The 59-year-old went to Dartmouth College and studied English and Russian literature. In 1985, she got her degree from the school.

Where is Laura Ingraham Going After She Leaves Fox?

The skilled TV host got her law degree from the University of Virginia in 1991. She worked as a speechwriter for the domestic policy assistant for President Ronald Reagan.

The TV star’s mother’s parents came to the United States from Poland. Laura’s dad came from England and Ireland.

The woman who hosts Fox News is very proud of her three kids, Maria, Michael Dmitri, and Nikolai Peter. Laura gave all of her kids to Laura.

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