Where is Julie Fine Going After She Leaves Lone Star Politics? New Position and Income in 2023

Where is Julie Fine Going After She Leaves Lone Star Politics? Ten years after she started working at NBC 5, the co-host of Lone Star Politics is moving for a new job. But where is Julie Fine going? Read on to find out.

Julie Fine is a political writer who has won an Emmy. Her most famous job is co-hosting Lone Star Politics with Gromer Jeffers.

The TV star has become one of NBC 5’s most popular hosts because of her charm and the way she tells the news.

Julie Fine’s fans are excited to find out where their favorite host is going now that they know she is leaving the NBC 5 show Lone Star Politics.

Where is Julie Fine Going After She Leaves Lone Star Politics?

Julie Fine, who has been a political reporter for KXAS for ten years, is leaving the station, which is owned by NBC.

The news that the political writer was leaving first came out at the end of April 2023. Napoli Management Group told the news on Instagram while thanking the host for her next job.

Where is Julie Fine Going After She Leaves Lone Star Politics?

In June 2013, the co-host of Lone Star Politics joined KXAS. Fine has covered a wide range of news as NBC 5’s politics reporter. In 2014, the reporter wrote about the 84th and 85th meetings of the Texas Legislature and the race for governor.

In 2016, she went out into the field to report on the race for president. The fine is said to have followed U.S. Senator Ted Cruz from Iowa to Indiana as he ran for president.

When he got to Indiana, Cruz stopped his campaign. Later, the political writer talked to the senator. This was Cruz’s first interview with just one person.

New Position and Income for Julie Fine

Julie Fine was a political reporter for NBC’s Dallas station for ten years. After that, Bloomberg hired her as their Texas Bureau Chief.

Many of the journalist’s friends and people who read her work told her they were happy for her. Fine wrote on Twitter how thankful she was.

“Thank you all for your kind words today and for watching @gromerjeffers and me each week,” wrote Julie.

The beautiful TV host said that her co-host was “the best partner and an even better person.”

The NBC 5 political reporter who was leaving said that she would see her again when she started working for Bloomberg as the Texas Bureau Chief in Dallas.

In her new job, the journalist who won an Emmy will do things like give high-profile interviews, help her teams, and raise the image of the Texas bureaus. It is said that she will be on the political show “Balance of Power.”

The talented journalist will also be able to work closely with Joe Carroll in Houston, Brendan Walsh in Austin, and Ed Dufner in Dallas to provide information on all channels and organize coverage across the area.

No one has said anything about her new pay. But Zip Recruiter said that the average yearly salary for a Texas Bureau Chief was $76,557.

But Julie’s position and experience in the field mean that she must make more than the average pay.


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Julie Fine Graduated From Tulane University.

Julie Fine is a well-known writer who went to school at Tulane University in North Texas. Since she grew up there, she has had a few close friends there. She told her friends that after she got her first job, she would move to North Texas with them. When Fine got a job there, she was very happy.

Where is Julie Fine Going After She Leaves Lone Star Politics?

Julie’s job as a worker began in Washington, D.C. She worked as a junior producer and in the field. Soon after that, she chose to become a reporter. In 1999, she started working at WJET-TV.

The skilled reporter then moved to Buffalo, New York, where he worked for WKBW-TV for eight years, until 2010. Fine worked for WPXI-TV for about three years. In June 2013, she got a job with KXAS, NBC 5 Dallas/Fort Worth.

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