Where is Julian Newman Now? What Happened to Julian Newman?

Where is Julian Newman Now? Julian Newman still plays basketball, but not for a living. In 2020, he will finish Prodigy Prep. Since then, he has been seen playing in games like the ones that BallIsLife puts on. The former kid star is now 22, and it looks like his NBA dreams are over. Julian is not only a YouTuber and streetballer, but he is also a big deal on social media.

He has 669,000 people following him on Instagram right now. On that platform, he still shows off the Prodigy name, which is owned by his family. He is also an entrepreneur and the face of well-known brands like Ethika, Nova Men, and Boost Mobile. Even though Julian Newman isn’t as good at basketball as he used to be, it’s clear that he’s still having a great life.

Who is Julian Newman?

Julian Newman is an American basketball player who was born on September 6, 2001. In 2020, he finished Prodigy Prep in Orlando, Florida. Even though he is only 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m) tall, he plays as a point guard.

In 2012, his highlight movies went viral on YouTube, which brought him a lot of attention. This happened when he was in fifth grade and played varsity basketball for Downey Christian School. The movies showed off his amazing skills and abilities on the court, which got the attention of basketball fans and fans of the sport all over the world.

But Newman’s rise to fame also made people have different thoughts and talk about them. Some news sites called him a “child prodigy” because he was so smart and talented for his age. On the other hand, some people didn’t like how he was promoted or how much attention he got. Because of the different points of view, opinions, and debates about his ability and potential in basketball were divided.

Where is Julian Newman Now?

Julian Newman used to live in Orlando, but now he lives in Las Vegas. Newman said on the Thanalysis show in May 2023 that he is getting ready to start a YouTube channel. He is also making a show that will probably be called “Beat Julian Newman” and will let people play against him one-on-one.

Where is Julian Newman Now?

It looks like Newman is finally making progress on his YouTube account. In the middle of July, he shared a teaser with the words “The wait is over. This Saturday, watch me and [my friends] do stuff on TV.” From the clip, it looks like Newman will be more interested in “comedy” than basketball.

Julian Newman is busy shooting hoops. Julian Newman hasn’t played as much competitive basketball since he graduated from high school in 2020, and there haven’t been many reports about him in the sport. Because he isn’t very tall, the future of his professional basketball career in the NBA is still unclear.

Julian is shorter, lighter, and less physically intimidating than many college and professional basketball players. He is only 5 feet 7 inches tall. When it comes to playing at the top level in American basketball, height is still a very important factor.

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What Happened to Julian Newman?

Julian decided to skip college basketball and try to make it as a professional player abroad. Even though it was his choice, doubters on the internet thought that Julian’s plan to play abroad was because he wasn’t getting offers to play in Division 1 (D1). There was also doubt about whether or not any foreign teams had made him an offer.

Jamie, Julian’s dad, talked about these rumors in an interview with 2020. He made it clear that his son had, in fact, gotten 15 D1 college offers. This disproved the idea that Julian’s choice was because American universities weren’t interested.

Jamie also said that Julian’s dream was to play abroad in places like Germany, China, Italy, or Australia, or even in the G-League, which is the NBA’s development league for young players. Julian wanted to get training and exposure that would help him get ready for the NBA draft.

Julian Newman’s Basketball Highlights

Julian started playing for the middle school team at Downey Christian School when he was in the fifth grade. He soon moved up to the varsity team because of how well he played. He was the youngest point guard. He was only 4 feet 5 inches (1.35 m) tall and weighed about 70 pounds. Every game, he would give an average of 12.2 points and 10.5 assists.

Where is Julian Newman Now?

In 2012, a YouTube video by ScoutsFocus of Newman’s basketball highlights went viral, making him a national star. Soon, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Tampa Bay Times, and Sports Illustrated all wrote about him. Julian started getting calls from big TV shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Steve Harvey, and Good Morning America to do interviews.

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Julian had a total of 3,873 points when he was in his second year of high school. Later, he went to Prodigy Prep High School to play hoops on his dad’s team. He averaged 32.3 points, 6.9 assists, 5.4 rebounds, and 2.8 steals in his final year at Prodigy Prep. Elite Mixtapes’ YouTube documentary Born Ready had a part for Julian. The player and his family also appear on Hello Newmans, a reality show that the Overtime Gen-Z sports network started in 2019 and features the Newmans.


Julian Newman, an American basketball player, is now 22 and has a big deal on social media. Born in 2001, he finished Prodigy Prep in Orlando, Florida in 2020. Newman, a point guard, gained attention with his viral highlight movies in 2012. Despite his height, his future in the NBA remains uncertain due to his short stature.

Newman decided to skip college basketball and try to make it as a professional player abroad, despite doubts about his chances. He has been featured in various media outlets, including The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Tampa Bay Times, and Sports Illustrated. Newman’s YouTube channel, “Beat Julian Newman,” has 669,000 followers.

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