Where is Angelica Campos Going After Leaving KGTV? A Look at Her Career Highlights in 2023

Where is Angelica Campos Going After Leaving KGTV? Since the meteorologist said she was leaving KGTV, people are eager to hear about her new work.

Angelica Campos is a very skilled meteorologist who has changed the field of broadcast weather in a big way.

The meteorologist has made a name for herself in her field as a reliable source of information because she is passionate about predicting the weather and works hard to give people correct information.

Angelica and her family moved to the U.S. when she was 13. This was the first step on her way to becoming well-known in weather.

The scientist was born in San Jose, Costa Rica, and grew up there. Campos didn’t know English when she started school, but she did well and was given a scholarship to keep going to school.

Angelica went to West Georgia University and Mississippi State University to get degrees in both radio meteorology and mass communications.

Campos is well-known in the field of weather because of how much she knows, how much she loves the subject, and how hard she works as a volunteer in the community.

She is known as a meteorologist, and many people look up to her because of how well she can describe complicated weather facts and how kind she is.

Where is Angelica Campos Going After Leaving KGTV? Fresh Job

Angelica Campos is going where? Many people are trying to find the answer to this question now that KGTV has said that the reporter has quit.

Angelica had been a full-time evening reporter at KGTV Channel 10 for more than eight years.

Campos quit her job, though, so she could spend more time with her family. This made people wonder, “Where is Angelica Campos going?”

Where is Angelica Campos Going After Leaving KGTV?

The experienced meteorologist was honored by KGTV, which showed some of her best work and special times caught on camera.

Through the short video, Campos’s coworkers also send her love and good wishes for the future.

Angelica hasn’t said anything about where she’ll start her new job or on which show she’ll be taking over.

In the future, the reporter might post about her new job on social media, which will answer the question “Where is Angelica Campos going?” that is currently popular.

But Angelica is almost certain to work as a meteorologist in her next job, no matter what it is, because that’s what her LinkedIn page says.

Campos has been a meteorologist for many years and has worked for three different stations from 2007 to 2023.


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Angelica Campos’s Career Highlights

Angelica Campos started her job with AccuWeather in State College, Pennsylvania. She had done well in school and was ready to work.

There, the meteorologist got better at speaking more than one language. She made forecasts in English and Spanish for sites across the United States and in other countries, like Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Canada.

Before she joined ABC10 (KGTV) in San Diego, she worked as a morning and weekend meteorologist for Fox8 News in Cleveland, Ohio, where she was noticed for her weather skills and good looks on-screen.

Angelica became a well-known face at ABC10 because she gave weather reports on several news shows, including The Now.

The meteorologist worked as an evening meteorologist for KGTV Channel 10 for eight years, from June 2015 to May 2023, according to her LinkedIn page.

Where is Angelica Campos Going After Leaving KGTV?

Angelica has a lot of different hobbies and interests outside of work. She likes doing sports like jogging, riding, skydiving, and hiking to stay in shape.

She also likes to surf when she’s outside. Campos also loves spending time with Jasmine and Doppler, her two beloved cats.

Angelica wants to make a change in more ways than just the way she works as a meteorologist.

She lives by the phrase “Yes You Can,” which encourages other people to believe in their skills and hang out with positive people in order to face obstacles and reach their goals.

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