What Happened To Tim Paine? Why Did He Resign From Cricket? More Updates Ahead!

Tim Paine has stated that he felt “abandoned” by Cricket Australia after the revelation of an explicit text-message conversation broke last year, prompting him to leave as Test captain soon before the Ashes. Paine explains what effectively became the end of his international career following the disclosure of texts with a female employee of Cricket Tasmania in 2017.

What Happened To Tim Paine?

Paine wrote intimate messages to a then-colleague at Cricket Tasmania on the eve and morning of the first Test of the Ashes in 2017, when he returned to the side for the first time in seven years.

According to the Herald Sun, Paine and the lady exchanged dozens of texts during the year, but their conversation got increasingly flirty between the woman and Paine, who has been married since 2016. The duo was flirtatiously chatting when Paine wrote, “Will you want to eat my ***?? F*** me, I’m really tough.”

In response to Paine’s wicketkeeping duties later that day, the woman said, “I thought we were resting hands.” “Can’t rest them when I’m this hard!” Paine said. It’s time to relax… Finish me off with those lips, then (name removed).” He then sent an unsolicited “d*** pic” and asked the woman to “finish me off right now!”

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The woman stated she was caught aback by the photo and considered it offensive, and complaints were apparently lodged with the Australian Human Rights Commission for alleged sexual harassment in relation to the discussion.

Who Is Tim Paine?

Timothy David Paine (born December 8, 1984) is a former Australian cricketer and former Test captain of the Australian national team. He was the captain of the Hobart Hurricanes before being selected for Australia in the 2017-18 Ashes series.

He is a right-handed batsman and wicket-keeper who plays for the Tasmanian Tigers in Australian domestic cricket. Paine won the 2009 ICC Champions Trophy while playing for Australia.

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Why Did Tom Resign from Cricket?

“Tim felt it was in the best interests of his family and Australian cricket to take this decision to step down as captain,” Cricket Australia chairman Richard Freudenstein said in a statement.

“The Board has accepted Tim’s resignation and will now begin the process of identifying and appointing a new captain in collaboration with the National Selection Panel.”

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What Were The Last Words Of Tim During The Resignation?

At a news conference at 2.30 pm on Friday, Paine said, “Today I am announcing my decision to step down as captain of the Australian men’s cricket team.” It’s a difficult choice, but it’s the best one for me, my family, and cricket. “I was involved in a text exchange with a then-colleague about four years ago.

“At the time, the exchange was the subject of an extensive CA Integrity Unit investigation, in which I fully and openly participated.” That review, as well as a concurrent Cricket Tasmania HR probe, concluded that there had been no violation of the Cricket Australia Code of Conduct.

“Despite being exonerated, I deeply regretted this incident at the time, and I still do.” At the time, I spoke with my wife and family, and I am eternally grateful for their forgiveness and support. We felt the incident was over and that I could concentrate solely on the team, as I had done for the previous three or four years.

“However, I recently learned that this private text exchange would be made public.” In retrospect, my conduct in 2017 did not satisfy the expectations of an Australian cricket captain or the greater society. I genuinely regret the anguish and pain I have caused my wife, my family, and the other party.

Tim’s Precious Words For Australian Teams

“I’m grateful for my teammates’ support and proud of what we’ve accomplished together,” I beg forgiveness and understanding from them. To Australian cricket fans, I apologize for my previous behavior affecting our game on the eve of the Ashes.

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I apologize for the disappointment I have caused fans and the entire cricket community. I’ve been blessed with a lovely, loving, and supportive family, and knowing how much I’ve let them down breaks my heart. They’ve always been my most devoted supporters, and I’m grateful for their help.”


Tim Paine resigns as Australia Test captain after revealing explicit communications to a female coworker. Tim Paine resigned as Test captain less than three weeks before the men’s Ashes after an investigation by Cricket Australia four years ago for sending graphic messages to a female coworker.

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