What Happened to Sakshi Killer Sahil Khan? A Look at Her Death and Obituary in 2023

What Happened to Sakshi Killer Sahil Khan? The internet is full of stories about the death of Sakshi Malik. Her boyfriend, Sahil, killed the 16-year-old girl by stabbing her.

Sakshi Malik was a 16-year-old Indian girl whose name has been all over the internet since she was killed in a terrible way.

The girl’s boyfriend, whose name is said to be Sahil Khan, killed her. Sakshi died in front of everyone because Sahil stabbed her at least a dozen times.

A police officer said that Sakshi was walking down the street when Sahil ran up to her and attacked her with a knife and rocks.

Sakshi Malik’s Death and Obituary

Sakshi Malik died not long ago, and now everyone is looking for her memorial. People are talking about how much they miss the person who died.

In the same way, everyone knows that her partner killed her with a knife. On social media, people are sharing a video of Sahil striking Sakshi over and over again.

The murder took place in the Rohini neighborhood of Shahbad Dairy. People say that Sahil was upset that the victim wanted to end their connection.

What Happened to Sakshi Killer Sahil Khan?

In the same way, Sahil was mad that they stopped talking to each other, which made him attack her and kill her in a cruel way. On a busy street, Sahil stabbed Sakshi more than 20 times.

It is said that Sakshi and Sahil started dating in June 2021. For the past 15 days, Sakshi is said to have stayed with a friend named Neetu.

Sakshi and Sahil even got into a fight before she died. On the day she was killed, Sakshi was going to her friend Neetu’s son’s birthday party, but she was killed on the way there.

What Happened to Sakshi Killer Sahil Khan?

Sakshi Malik’s murderer Sahil has been caught. After the event, Sahil is said to have turned off his phone and gone into hiding.

Sahil called his dad, which let people know where he was. As soon as the cops heard about the terrible thing that happened, they started keeping an eye on Sahil.

The postmortem report says that the girl was stabbed 16 times and that a sharp object was used to hit her head, which caused her brain to split open. The full report on what happened has not been made public yet.

At the Shahbad Dairy Police Station, the police have also filed an FIR against the killer under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).


What Happened to Sakshi Malik? Why Sahil Murdered Sakshi?

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Case Update: The Killing of Sakshi Malik

The person who killed Sakshi Malik has already been caught and a case has been filed, according to a new update on the case.

What Happened to Sakshi Killer Sahil Khan?

As we all know, the awful thing that happened was also caught on a CCTV camera, and the video of it went viral on many social media sites.

In the video, Sahil was stabbing the girl, and some people tried to stop him, but they couldn’t. Everyone is shocked by her death, and the event has drawn the attention of many.

So, many well-known people in India have also said nice things about Malik and asked about public safety.

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