What Happened to Marvon McCray? Why He Attempts Suicide?

What Happened to Marvon McCray? Andrea McCray was such an influencer. she posted about her life as an entrepreneur, a mom, and, most importantly, a wife. Many of her fans loved her for this. Her fans never missed one of her live videos, which may be what got her into trouble, since this is how the new social media crime came to light.

Influencers sometimes do things they shouldn’t do on social media in order to get more friends, views, and trust in return. Even Andrea McCray wanted to gain that trust and show what her life has been like, but there are always some secrets, right? When these facts came out, they shocked everyone on social media.

Who is Marvon McCray?

Marvon McCray, who is said to be in a coma right now, used to be a marine but was let go because of a knee injury. He is the kind of man that anyone would fall in love with because he looks and acts so good. He got married to Andrea McCray, a beauty artist, TikTok star, and Instagram influencer, in 2015. Since then, they have always been seen having a good time together.

Andrea was divorced and had two daughters. Marvon always took care of those girls, as well as his son, with all of his heart. While Andrea worked and focused on her job, Marvon, who had just gotten out of the Marines, took care of the house and his three cute kids. When Andrea used to live at home, her friends longed for Marvon to show up in the time between. Even Marvon became a fan favorite quickly, but when he was put in a coma, everything changed.

What Happened to Marvon McCray?

Andrea was said to be addicted to plants that weren’t legal, even though children shouldn’t take them. This became a big worry. Marvon started to show signs of worry, depression, and stress as time went on. He wouldn’t take part in eating the herbs, which caused him and Andrea to fight a lot. During Andrea’s live streams, viewers said they heard them fighting more than once.

People say that these fights got so bad that the couple tried to kill themselves, which led to several calls to 911 from their home or worried neighbors who were worried about their growing marriage problems. The trouble didn’t stop there, though. Marvon’s brain started to get worse, and he started having seizures. People who watched Andrea’s tapes said they could hear Marvon having seizures, but Andrea did not call for help.

Even though there was more and more proof to the contrary, the influencer was still sure that her husband would get better if he kept taking the herbs. Marvon left their shared home briefly to look for a solution to his problems, even though he had been having seizures and Andrea seemed to not care about his health. But in the end, he went back to Andrea, and nothing had changed.

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Marvon was so stressed out by his life that one day he hit his breaking point and hung himself in their backyard. When Andrea found her husband hanging from a tree, she started CPR right away. Soon after, the cops showed up and rushed Marvon to the hospital. Because of what happened, Marvon was told he had serious brain damage and was put on a ventilator. After that, he fell into a coma. But even more shocking things were about to happen.

Marvon McCray Death Rumours

In November 2022, a news site called SNBC13 posted a story about Marvon McCray’s death, which led to more rumors that he was dead. In the story, it was said that someone close to him had confirmed it. But no one knows whether or not the stories are true.

What Happened to Marvon McCray?

After the whole “Justice for Von” thing, Andrea started deleting all of her YouTube videos, and since then, neither Andrea nor Marvon has been seen. Marvon McCray’s whole story shocked the internet, and now people on the internet want Andrea to go to jail after learning how she tried to hurt all of her children and her husband, Marvon McCray.

Marvon’s Attempt of  Suicide

Marvon finally chooses to leave the house to find peace and a way to solve the problems after he has a seizure. But Adrea was so strong that they were able to bring him back home. Marvon was so tired of his mental illness that he hung himself in the backyard of his home.

When Andrea heard about it, she was scared, so she did what the cops told her to do and gave him CPR. Soon after the cops arrived, Marvon was taken to the hospital, where he was put on a ventilator and diagnosed with a brain injury. He then fell into a coma. Andrea did not stop going live, though. Even when she was in the hospital, she went live and showed her husband in a coma, lying in bed.

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Social media soon told Marvon’s parents everything they needed to know about his situation. His mother visited him in the hospital and later told everyone that he was getting better and no longer needed the respirator, which surprised everyone on the internet. As soon as she said that Andrea wouldn’t let her see her son, Von, the news spread all over the internet with the phrase “Justice for Von.”


Andrea McCray was an influencer who posted about her life and gained the trust of her fans. Marvon McCray, a former marine, was put in a coma due to a knee injury, and Andrea was addicted to illegal herbs. Marvon McCray tried to kill himself, leading to calls to 911 and rumors of his death. Andrea found him hanging from a tree and started CPR. Andrea McCray’s story shocked the internet, leading to people wanting her to go to jail for trying to hurt her children and her husband.

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