What Happened to Lucas Moura’s Hair? Is He Bald Now? Latest News! 2023

What Happened to Lucas Moura’s Hair? Lucas Moura Fans often have a lot of questions about his bald head. Here’s what happened to Moura’s hair.

Lucas Moura is a professional footballer from Brazil who plays as a wide forward for the Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur. In 2010, So Paulo was the first place he worked as a worker.

Moura played for them until 2012 when he went to Paris Saint-German to play soccer. He played on the team 153 times and scored 34 goals.

Moura has been on the Tottenham team since 2018. Moura has also played for his country in a lot of games and helped them win some titles.

Also, the football player is often in the news and people ask him questions about his hair.

What Happened to Lucas Moura’s Hair? Is He Bald Now?

Lucas Moura is bald, and he gets asked a lot of questions about it. Also, the football player hasn’t been afraid to talk about it with the press, since fans have been worried about it.

Moura started losing his hair when he was young, and it is said that he has Male Pattern Baldness, which is a genetic trait that can be passed down from either side of the family.

Moura was also asked about his hair on the ESPN sports news station in Brazil. Mora said at the time that family genes might have played a role.

He said that everyone is bald, including his father and brother. Not only that, but he also said that the worry about playing in Europe has caused him to lose a lot of hair. The football player says that this place has a lot of stress.

What Happened to Lucas Moura's Hair?

Moura says that hair loss can be caused by both physical and mental stress. So, a hair replacement surgeon named Asim Shahmalak says that the stress of playing in Europe could have sped up Lucas’s loss of hair.


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About Lucas Moura’s health in 2023

People are interested in hearing about Lucas Moura’s health because of his hair. We can say for sure that he is fine, but the football player has been hurt.

Moura has had a tough season with his present team because of injuries. Moura hurt his muscle early in the season and missed most of the first half of the season.

What Happened to Lucas Moura's Hair?

Lucas recently said that he will leave the club at the end of this season. The player can also leave when his deal runs out in June.

Moura has talked about things other than his injuries during the COVID-19 pandemic. He was stuck in England during that time, far from his home and family. At the time, he said that everyone should talk openly about mental health.

In the same way, he was talking before the Mind Series, which was a series of pre-season games between Tottenham, Chelsea, and Arsenal. The goal of the series was to raise money for the mental health charity Mind and the foundations of each club.

Lucas also said that people shouldn’t be mean on social media because it can hurt their mental health. Aside from that, the football player has never had any major health problems, but he always tells his fans about them.

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