What Happened to Kollam Sudhi? Kollam Sudhi Dies in Car Accident!

What Happened to Kollam Sudhi? Kollam Sudhi, an actor and comedian who was 39 years old, died early Monday morning in a car accident at Kaipamangalam in the district. The accident happened when the car he was in crashed into a pickup truck on the way back from a show in Vadakara. At 4.30 this morning, the thing that happened happened. The accident happened at a bend in Panambikkunnu near Kaipamangalam.

What Happened to Kollam Sudhi?

According to a report from ETimes, the ‘Star Magic’ actor was traveling with his friends Binu, Adimali, Ullas, and Mahesh when their car crashed into a goods carrier at Kaipamangalam, Thrissur (Kerala) on Monday, June 5. The 39-year-old’s head was hurt so badly that it killed her. He was taken to the hospital right away, but it was too late. His friends, on the other hand, lived and are now being treated.

Local news said that the star was coming back after going to a show in Vadakara. In an interview with PTI, a police report summed up what happened in the crash. “There was a head-on crash. Everyone was taken to a hospital. “The other three are getting help,” the police told a news source.

Many famous people in the Malayalam film industry went on social media to express their sadness over Sudhi’s death. On Instagram, ‘Minnal Murali’ star Tovino Thomas posted a photo of the actor and expressed his deepest sorrow. Vineeth, who was in “Kadhal Desam,” wrote a touching tribute to the late actor on his Instagram page. He called him “an extempore actor with a good sense of humour timing.”

Who Was Kollam Sudhi?

Kollam Sudhi‘s film career began in 2015 with “Kanthari,” which was directed by Ajmal and marked the start of a bright career. But Sudhi’s fame went far beyond the big screen because he was so good at imitating other people. Because of his great ability, he was a regular on TV shows and gave captivating stage performances, where his comic timing and funny acts made him popular with audiences.

Sudhi was a good actor who could do more than just imitate other people. He showed off his skills in movies like “Kattappanayile Rithwik Roshan” and “Kuttanadan Marppappa.” Through his many different performances, he made a lot of people laugh and entertained them. His comedic charm left a lasting impact.

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Malayalam Actor Kollam Sudhi Dies in Car Accident

When the accident happened early on June 5 in Kerala’s Thrissur district, Malayalam actress and mimicry artist Kollam Sudhi was in the front seat of a car with three other artists. Kollam Sudhi, a Malayalam actor and mimicry artist, killed in a car crash early on Monday, June 5. He was 39 years old at the time. Three other artists, Binu Adimali, Ullas Aroor, and Mahesh, were hurt in the accident, which happened when their car hit a goods truck head-on at 4.30 a.m. at Kaipamangalam in Kerala’s Thrissur district. Even though everyone went to the hospital right away, Sudhi could not be saved. Pinarayi Vijayan, who is Chief Minister, was saddened by his death.

What Happened to Kollam Sudhi?

Reports say that the mimicry artists, who often worked together in shows and on TV, were coming back from an event in Vadakara when the accident happened. Sudhi was sitting in the front seat of the car, and it is thought that he hit his head, which caused him to die. The patients are getting care at a private hospital in Kodungallur right now, but they will soon be moved to a hospital in Ernakulam for more advanced care.

Sudhi was a well-known face on Flowers channel’s Malayalam TV show Star Magic. The show is a mix of satirical skits and acts by people who are good at imitating TV personalities. Sudhi’s funny conversations with other contestants and makeovers won him a lot of friends, especially among people who watch a lot of TV. Sudhi has also been in a few Malayalam movies where he was well known. In 2015, he made his first movie, Kanthari. His part in Kattapanayile Hrithik Roshan won him a lot of praise. He was also seen in Keshu Ee Veedinte Nadhan.

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Who is Kollam Sudhi Wife?

Kollam Sudhi was married, and Renu was his wife. People say that Sudhi and Renu got married when Sudhi was only 11 years old. The story says that Renu is not Sudhi’s first wife because he has been married before. No one knows what her name was, but the late star talked about his first marriage. Renu is his second wife. His first wife left him with Rahul when he was a small child.

After a hard time caused by a broken heart, Sudhi went on and later met Renu, who would become his second wife. The two people were always there for each other. Sudhi and his wife Renu also appeared together at a few events, and their relationship was loved by many.

Kollam Sudhi Children

Kollam Sudhi’s wife, Renu, will carry on after him. The two of them also raised two children together. Kollam Sudhi had two children, including Rahul, who was born from the actor’s first marriage. No one knows what his second child’s name is.


Kollam Sudhi, a 39-year-old Malayalam actor and comedian, died in a car accident at Kaipamangalam on Monday morning. He was travelling with his friends when their car crashed into a goods carrier, killing him. Many celebrities expressed their sadness over his death on social media. Kollam Sudhi, a Malayalam actor and mimicry artist, was killed in a car crash in Kerala on June 5. Kollam Sudhi was married to Renu, his second wife, and they had two children together, including Rahul, born from his first marriage.

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