What Happened To Kim Ji Soo: Accused S*xual Assault And Where is He Now?

Ji Soo was charged with being a middle school perpetrator of school violence earlier this year. Additionally, there were some charges of coerced s*xual assault, however, KeyEast Entertainment issued a statement disputing those allegations. Production company Victory Contents sued KeyEast for damages after Ji Soo was fired from the drama “River Where the Moon Rises,” and KeyEast later revealed that the actor and the company had mutually agreed to end the actor’s contract.

Attorney Shin & Kim, who is Ji Soo’s legal counsel, has released a fresh statement with updates on the case and the inquiry into the authors of the defamatory statements against Ji Soo.

Is it Rumour About Kim Ji Soo Or Not?

Kim Ji Soo’s legal representative, law firm Shin & Kim, revealed a new statement providing updates on the lawsuit and investigation on those who published accusatory posts against Ji Soo. Earlier this year, Ji Soo was accused of having been a perpetrator of school violence in middle school.

There were also some accusations of s*xual violence with coercion, but KeyEast Entertainment released a statement denying those claims.

Following Ji Soo’s removal from the drama “River Where the Moon Rises,” production company Victory Contents filed a lawsuit for damages against KeyEast, and KeyEast later announced that they terminated their contract with Ji Soo after a mutual agreement with the actor.

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Accused S*xual Assault And Where is Kim Ji Soo Now?

A former classmate of South Korean actor Kim Ji Soo, who is well-known for his roles in the drama series “River Where The Moon Rises” and the movies “Strong Girl Bong Soon” and “My First First Love,” has accused him of s*xual assault. The accuser further alleged that the actor engaged in violence in schools.

According to reports, Soo was accused of being a “se*ual predator” in his school years by an anonymous social media user who claimed to be his old classmate. The anonymous user also said that Soo, who throughout his school years had a larger build than the other kids, acted in a “gangster” manner. He frequently insulted and blackmailed people, and he made them pay for his cigarettes.

Korean Drama Star Ji Soo Was Removed From His Role And Why?

After confessing to past s*xual assault, Ji Soo, the star of the well-known Korean drama “River Where The Moon Rises,” has apparently been dismissed after we previously reported that he had issued an apologetic letter in response to claims of s*xual assault, bullying, and more in the past. Ji Soo was reportedly portraying Ondal in the well-known Korean drama series, according to reports in Naver and News 1.

What Happened To Kim Ji Soo (1)

The production company is reportedly currently debating Ji Soo’s replacement, the filming, and previous takes of the scandal-plagued actor. However, because 90% of the 20 episodes have been filmed up to this point, the production company Victory Contents and KBS will suffer significant losses.

For those who are keeping track, the Korean drama “River Where The Moon Rises” has only had six episodes broadcast as of today, March 5, and episode seven is scheduled to be released on March 8.

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Actor Apologizes

The actor shared a handwritten apology on his official Instagram account in response to the criticism. The actor apologized in his letter: “I truly regret any harm I have caused. There is no justification for my previous wrongdoing. They were actions that are unforgivable.


Actor Ji Soo is a school violence perpetrator who was the heading of a March 2 post that a girl anonymously posted on an online forum. The actor’s violent and bullying behavior at school, which caused him and many others to suffer through painful situations, was discussed by the ex-classmate.

Although Ji Soo’s agency has yet to issue an official comment regarding the matter, Ji Soo published a handwritten letter of apology in which he acknowledged his actions and expressed regret for them. If you want to ask any questions about Kim Ji Soo then put your question freely at http://tmcassam.org

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