What Happened to Jacinda Ardern? Before Leaving the New Zealand Prime Minister’s Net Worth

What Happened to Jacinda Ardern? People want to know what happened to Jacinda Ardern after she chose to step down as prime minister.

By February 7, Ms. Ardern will have left her job. If no candidate for the job gets the support of two-thirds of the Party room, the lay members of Labour will vote.

In 2017, when Ms. Ardern, who was 37 at the time, was picked as prime minister, she became the youngest female head of state in the world. A year later, she became the second elected world leader to have a baby while in office, after Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto in 1990.

She led New Zealand through the White Island volcano disaster, the shootings at the Christchurch mosque, the Covid-19 pandemic, and the recession that came after.

What Happened to Jacinda Ardern?

Before this year’s election, Jacinda Ardern said she would step down as New Zealand’s prime minister. She said she didn’t have “enough in the tank” to do it anymore.

As she talked about how hard her job had been for six years, Ms. Ardern choked up. On Sunday, members of the Labour Party will decide on who will take her place.

What Happened to Jacinda Ardern?

Polls show that the Party doesn’t have a good chance of getting re-elected on October 14. Ms. Ardern said that over the summer break, she thought about her future to find the desire and drive to keep her job.

She told reporters on Thursday that going on would be bad for New Zealand. After six years of big problems, the only interesting thing the public will learn is that she and the lawmakers are both just people who make mistakes.

Before Leaving the New Zealand Prime Minister’s Net Worth

workwithjoshua.com says that by 2023, Jacinda Ardern will have a net worth of $6,700,000. This was decided by looking at how long she had been in the legislature, how much her home was worth, and how much money she had in stocks.

Ardern, the second of two girls in a Mormon family, grew up in the small town of Murupara, which was known for being a hotbed of Mori gang activity. She saw kids who didn’t have food for lunch or shoes, and this made her want to go into politics.

She joined the Party when she was 17 years old and worked on Harry Duynhoven’s reelection campaign with the help of an aunt.

After she graduated, Ardern went to work for Phil Goff, another Labour MP, as a reporter. After she learned this, Helen Clark, the second woman to be Prime Minister of New Zealand and Ardern’s political role model and guide, gave her the chance to work for her.


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Why is Jacinda Ardern Leaving Her Job?

Even though Ms. Ardern said that the last five and a half years had been the best of her life, she did admit that it had been hard to run the country during the crisis.

Ardern said she was excited to spend time with her 4-year-old daughter Neve when she started school this year. In a message to her fiance, Clarke Gayford, she told him to finally get married.

Ardern also said that she is leaving because being in such a powerful position comes with a lot of duty. The responsibility to know when you are ready to lead and when you are not. She admitted that she can’t do it as well as she used to.

What Happened to Jacinda Ardern?

Ardern said she knew there would be a lot of talk about the supposed real reason for this move in the days and weeks to come, but she could assure the public that what she was telling them today was the whole truth.

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