What Happened To Gufi Paintal: Mahabharat Actor Died At 79 Age

Veteran performer Gufi Paintal, who rose to fame for his legendary portrayal of Shakuni Mama in BR Chopra’s epic mythical drama “Mahabharat,” died on Monday at the age of 79 from illnesses associated with aging.

For a while, Gufi was feeling ill and had problems with her heart and blood pressure. He spent about two weeks in a hospital in the Mumbai district of Andheri. The veteran actor was in critical condition, according to his family.

What Happened To Gufi Paintal

Hiten Paintal, the nephew of the performers, affirmed this to the news outlet PTI. He revealed that the actor passed away around 9 am while being treated at a hospital. The actor’s heart finally gave out, and he died quietly while sleeping. Additionally, his nephew attested to his heart failure. Gufi Paintal was critically ill when he was admitted to the hospital.

Earlier, Hiten had told PTI that his uncle was not doing well because of age-related problems. He had heart and blood pressure problems. According to his nephew Hiten’s statement to PTI, as the situation became serious, he was hospitalized and kept under observation for seven to eight days.

Mahabharat Actor Died At 79 Age

According to media sources, Gufi’s funeral services would be placed on Monday at a crematorium in the suburban Andheri area at around 4 p.m.

On social media, Gufi’s co-star and actress Tina Ghaai, who played Hidimbaa in “Mahabharat Katha,” also expressed her sorrow over his passing. The Cine and TV Artistes’ Association (CINTAA) Care Committee and Welfare Trust is presided over by Ghaii.

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At Which Time, Did Guri Paintal “Mahabharat actor” die?

This morning, around nine o’clock, Gufi’s uncle died away. For us, this morning has been difficult. Today, when he was quickly making a full recovery, he passed away. He did speak to us briefly before going to sleep this morning after waking up. He eventually fell asleep again and never regained consciousness. His heart stopped beating, according to what we’ve been told.

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Who Was Guri Paintal?

Guri Paintal was an actor who was work in serials and movies. The date of Gufi Paintal’s birth is 4 October 1944. Despite pursuing engineering, he found himself acting more and more like his younger brother. The man began his modeling career in 1969 when he moved to Bombay.

Later, he began serving as a couple of film assistant directors. He has started appearing in several films and TV shows. Gufi Paintal also guided his brother in one of his works.

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TV Shows Of Gufi Paintal

Gufi Paintal was a well-known actor in the television industry in addition to his reputation as a fantastic performer for the silver screen. With the DD National series Bahadur Shah Zafar, he made his television debut. The Shakuni role he performed in the hit television series Mahabharat.

however, he was the zenith of his television career. The actor served as both the show’s casting director and an important character. His final television appearance was in Jay Kaniya Lal Ki on Star Bharat, where he portrayed Vishwakarma.

RIP Gufi Paintal: Condolences For The Shakuni Mama Of The Mahabharata

Gufi Paintal, an actor best known for portraying Shakuni’s mama in the acclaimed television series Mahabharat, passed away on Monday at a hospital from age-related complications. In addition to the 1980s Hindi movies Suhaag and Dillagi, as well as the television series CID.

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Hello Inspector, Paintal has a number of acting credits. However, it was his devious uncle’s role as Shakuni Amma in BR Chopra’s Mahabharat that made him famous.


According to sources, the funeral will take place on June 5th, the day of the deceased’s passing. At a crematorium in the suburban Andheri area, the cremation will take place. Gufi Paintal has been in a number of films and television programs. He became well-known for his Shakumi Mama role in BR Chopra’s Mahabharat.

In addition, he had major roles in several television productions, including Kanoon, Om Namah Shivay, CID, and Ssshhhh Koi Hai Dwarkadheesh Bhagwaan. Jay Kaniya lal Ki, Shree Krishna, and Radha Krishna. He appeared on the big screen for the first time in Rishi Kapoor’s Rafoo Chakkar.

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