What Happened to Clarence Thomas First Wife? Why Kathy Ambush Filed for Divorce?

What Happened to Clarence Thomas First Wife? Kathy Ambush was the first wife of Clarence Thomas. She hasn’t been seen in public for a long time, which is strange. People only talk about her when they talk about her ex-husband, the US judge Clarence Thomas. He is a very recognized judge because of how well he has done his job.

So it’s not strange that people want to know more about his personal life, especially about his first wife, Kathy Ambush. Even though the couple has been divorced for almost 40 years and has gone their separate ways, many people still want to know what Kathy does for a job now that she is no longer married. If you’re one of those people, this piece has the answers you’re looking for!

Who is Clarence Thomas?

Clarence Thomas is the judge who has been in office the longest in the United States. Clarence Thomas is a well-known American judge of the United States as an associate justice. President George H. W. Bush chose him to be Thurgood Marshall’s successor, and he has done so since 1991. Clarence is the second African American to work on the Court, after Marshall.

He is also the longest-serving member of the Court since Anthony Kennedy’s retirement in 2018. Stephen Breyer retired in 2022, and since then, Thomas has been the most senior judge. Clarence Thomas was born on June 23, 1948, in Pin Point, Georgia. Pin Point, Georgia, where he was born, is a small, mostly black town near Savannah that was started by freedmen after the Civil War.

What Happened to Clarence Thomas First Wife?

Kathy Ambush was Clarence Thomas’s first wife, and it’s strange that she hasn’t been in the news for a long time. People are interested in his personal life, especially his first wife, Kathy Ambush. They’ve been separated for almost 40 years and have gone their separate ways since then. Kathy Ambush has mostly lived out of the public eye since she and her ex-husband Clarence split up, and it is thought that her son sees her often.

Clarence Thomas First Wife Kathy Ambush

But she fell in love again, and now she is married to Allen Smith. No one knows for sure if Kathy Ambush has any other children. The happy couple lives in Richmond, Virginia, right now. Since she split up with US Judge Clarence Thomas, there isn’t much information about how she’s changed, so it’s hard to know what’s going on in her life.

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Why did Clarence Thomas’s Wife Kathy Ambush Files for Divorce?

In 1981, Clarence Thomas and his wife Kathy Ambush split up, and in 1984, they got a divorce. Thomas had trouble with his money and his feelings in the late 1970s and early 1980s. So, he spent most of his time drinking alone or with friends instead of with his family. His drinking problems were the main reason why his marriage ended. But there are reports that Thomas’s affair with Lilian McEwena was the main reason why he and Ambush broke up.

Clarence Thomas got full control of their son Jamal Adeen Thomas after they split up. In 1987, Clarence moved on and married politician Virginia Lamp. But they didn’t have any children. In contrast, Kathy got married to Douglas Allen Smith.

How did Kathy and Clarence Met?

At first sight, love? Maybe not, but when Kathy Ambush and Clarence Thomas met in 1969, sparks did fly. Friends put them together, and within a week of meeting, they were already going out together. Clarence went to college at the College of Holy Cross at the time, while Kathy went to a close college just for women. As their love grew, they dated for two years while they were still in school.

Clarence Thomas First Wife Kathy Ambush

The young pair got married at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Worcester, Massachusetts, on June 5, 1971. Kathy changed her name to Kathy Ambush Thomas, and she and her new husband began a new part of their lives. They went to New Haven, Connecticut, where Clarence was going to law school at Yale. This is where they started their life together as a married couple.

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Not long after Kathy and Clarence moved into their new house, they had their first child, a boy named Jamal Adeen Thomas, on February 15, 1973. This was the most valuable gift they could have ever gotten. They moved forward with their new family, determined to make a happy and successful life for themselves. But as the saying goes, everything good must end. Clarence Thomas’s marriage to Kathy Ambush fell apart 10 years after they got married.


Clarence Thomas, the longest-serving US judge, has been in office for the longest time, with his first wife, Kathy Ambush, being the only person who has been in public for a long time. The couple has been separated for almost 40 years, and Kathy has fallen in love with Allen Smith. They have lived in Richmond, Virginia, but there is little information about her life since her divorce. Clarence Thomas’s marriage to Kathy Ambush fell apart 10 years after they got married, and they have since moved on with their new family.

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