What Happened to Brooks Koepka Knee? Reason for Brooks Koepka Illness!

Brooks Koepka went to Augusta to win the green jacket for the first time. But since he came in second place in the event on Sunday, that dream will have to wait another year. After the round on Thursday, Koepka, Jon Rahm, and Viktor Hovland were all tied for first place. Then, after 36 holes, he made his lead even bigger. After 54 holes, he was still in the lead. But he lost the title in the fourth round when he made six bogeys. That put him in second place, tied with Phil Mickelson, another LIV player.

What Happened to Brooks Koepka?

Brooks Koepka really wanted to win the famous green jacket at Augusta, but he didn’t reach his goal. Even though Koepka got off to a good start, tying for first place after Thursday’s round and keeping the lead after 36 and 54 holes, he couldn’t keep it up in the fourth round. He had a hard time, making six bogeys, and he and Phil Mickelson, another player from the LIV Golf league, tied for second place.

Koepka’s score of 65 in the first round of the Masters was excellent. But he was 13 points behind going into the last round, and Jon Rahm was in the lead with under 9 points. Koepka had trouble. On the fourth hole, he made a bogey, and on the sixth hole, he made a double bogey. In the last round, he only made three birdies, giving him a score of 76.

The last time Koepka was upset at the Masters was in 2022 when he didn’t make the cut. Even though he didn’t get what he wanted this year, Koepka is still a talented and tough golfer who will probably keep trying to win in future competitions.

How did Brooks Koepka’s knee Get Injured?

Brooks Koepka has hurt his knees more than once during his career. He had surgery in 2019 to fix a torn patella tendon in his left knee, but he hurt it again at the CJ Cup that same year. He also hurt the labrum in his left hip in 2020. In March 2021, Koepka got a more serious knee injury. His right kneecap moved out of place and he hurt a tendon.

What Happened to Brooks Koepka Knee

Even though he was told at first that it would take 18 months to fully heal, he went back to competition at the Masters just three weeks later. Even though he was hurt, he finished in the top eight at the last three majors of the year. Koepka’s knee issue has had a big effect on his career, making him miss time on the PGA Tour and limiting how well he can play.

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Still, he has shown that he is strong and determined to get back in shape and get to the top of the golf world. Koepka has done well in 2023. He is currently ranked 15th in the world. He is also a part of the LIV Golf Invitational Series, a new golf tour that is sponsored by Saudi Arabia. He has already won an event on this tour.

Reason for Brooks Koepka Illness

Brooks Koepka’s knee started hurting in August 2019. He went to get stem cell treatment to fix a partly torn left patella tendon. He hurt the muscle again when he slipped at the CJ Cup in September of that year, which kept him from playing sports for three months.

Unfortunately, Koepka’s efforts to make up for his knee injury in 2020 caused him to have even more problems. Because of the knee problem, he changed his swing and the way he moved, which put more stress on his left hip. Because of this, he hurt the labrum in his hip, which made his health even worse and required more care and attention.

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Brooks Koepka failed to win the green jacket at Augusta, but he is still a talented and tough golfer who will keep trying to win in future competitions. Brooks Koepka’s knee injury has had a big effect on his career, but he is determined to get back in shape and reach the top of the golf world.

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