What Happened To Amritpal Singh: Why Was Waris Punjab De Arrested?

Amritpal Singh, a 30-year-old Sikh separatist who has reignited calls for a separate Sikh country in Punjab, has been detained by Indian police, raising concerns about potential unrest in a region with a history of bloody uprisings.

At the village gurdwara, a Sikh temple, Singh was ultimately detained on Sunday in Rode village in the Moga region of Punjab. He was taken into custody in accordance with the National Security Act, which permits persons who are deemed to pose a threat to the nation’s security to be held without being charged for up to a year.

What Happened To Amritpal Singh?

After launching a large operation to apprehend the Waris Punjab De head in the wake of the violence at Ajnala police station, the Punjab Police finally caught fugitive Amritpal Singh on Sunday. The pro-Khalistan supporter was hauled to Bathinda Air Force Station for this purpose, and he is now being transported to Assam’s Dibrugarh jail.

Several Aam Aadmi Party officials applauded the Punjab Police’s action to apprehend the radical preacher after his detention.

Who Is Amritpal Singh?

Amritpal Singh’s early years are still largely unknown. Before going to Dubai at the age of 19, when he worked for his family’s transport company, he resided in the Punjabi city of Amritsar. Then, in September of last year, he went back to India.

He was named the organization’s head that month. Waris Punjab De was started by Indian actor and activist Deep Sidhu, who passed away in a car accident in February 2022. The group was part of a massive effort to mobilize farmers against the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s quest for agricultural reforms.

Since arriving back in India, Singh has been organizing protests to demand the rights of Sikhs, who make up 1.7% of the country’s population.

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Why Was Waris Punjab De Arrested?

Hundreds of Singh’s fans attacked a Punjabi police station in February brandishing weapons to demand the release of a detained aide, which set off a chain of events that resulted in Singh’s arrest.

On March 18, Punjabi police attempted to apprehend him for his involvement in the storming of the police station by erecting roadblocks and deploying thousands of officers.

What Happened to Amripal Singh (1)

However, Singh managed to flee during a car pursuit that some of his friends live-streamed. Thousands of paramilitary soldiers were then sent out on a month-long manhunt by Indian authorities, who also cut off mobile internet access in several parts of Punjab. While Singh was on the run, police claimed they also detained 154 of his supporters and seized 10 firearms and ammo.

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What Crime Did Amritpal Do?

According to the Punjab Police, Amritpal Singh has been the subject of four criminal proceedings over the course of a year, with serious charges like attempted murder and kidnapping. All the information you require regarding the accusations and cases against Amritpal Singh is provided below.

Amritpal Singh, a leader of the Waris Punjab De and a Sikh preacher, is currently wanted by the Punjab Police for allegedly supporting Khalistan. The search is now in its third day and Amritpal has not yet been located.

There are already four criminal complaints against the Waris Punjab De head, all of which carry serious charges, and the Punjab Police has initiated a large manhunt against Amritpal Singh and his sympathizers throughout the state.

Amritpal’s Criminal Lists: Waris Punjab De

Amritpal Singh is facing criminal charges and he was arrested on 4 June 2023, Sunday. Let’s see. he will accept his criminals and more upcoming news.

  • Amritpal Singh, the leader of Waris Punjab De, and many of his supporters were accused of breaking into the Ajnala Police station on February 24.
  • When one of their fellow preachers was not released, Singh and his supporters were spotted fighting with authorities inside a police station while brandishing swords and other weapons.
  • Amritpal Singh was accused of kidnapping, assaulting, and criminally intimidating the leader of the Waris Punjab De in a new complaint that was filed against him on February 16.
  • Amritpal and his supporters are said to have kidnapped and severely beaten a man.

Pro-Khalistan Protests Overseas: One Positive Symbol For Amritpal

Pro-Khalistan demonstrators took to the streets in the US, Australia, and the UK. Due to a diplomatic dispute sparked by the protest in the UK, the Ministry of External Affairs summoned the senior-most British diplomat to New Delhi. The Ministry strongly disapproved of “separatist and extremist elements” changing the tricolor at the Indian High Commission in London to their flag.

Additionally, the security organizations took down the barriers surrounding Alex Ellis’ apartment and the British High Commission in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. In a similar vein, some pro-Khalistan demonstrators vandalized the Indian Consulate in San Francisco, while others held a protest in front of the Australian Parliament in Canberra.

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In addition to many other people from other states, authorities detained 78 supporters of Amritpal during the crackdown. They are believed to have gotten funding from outside and to have transported weapons and ammunition without authorization. Before moving to Punjab, Amritpal is said to have gotten specialized instruction from Pakistan’s ISI in Georgia.

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