What Happened to Allen Lafferty? Is Allen Lafferty Still Alive?

What Happened to Allen Lafferty? In late 1984, when Allen Lafferty got home from his job as a builder, he found what looked like a murder scene from hell. Brenda Lafferty, his wife, was lying in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor, and 15-month-old Erica, his daughter, was dead in her crib.

The people who did the terrible things had cut off the phones, so he ran to his neighbor’s house to call the police. Allen didn’t do the killings, but he may have felt bad about it, so he went back and prayed next to his wife’s body.  The police came and caught Allen, but they quickly figured out that he wasn’t the one who killed the people. Allen told the cops that the killer was his brother, Ron Lafferty. Under the Banner of Heaven, a show on Hulu, is about the Lafferty killings and what led to them.

What Happened to Allen Lafferty?

Allen Lafferty was the last child to be born to Watson Lafferty Sr. and Claudine Lafferty. Allen Lafferty was born to Watson Lafferty Sr. and Claudine Lafferty, who were both Christian. Allen met Brenda at Brigham Young University, where she was studying broadcast news, and the two quickly became friends. Allen married Brenda on April 22, 1982, and a year later, on April 28, 1983, their daughter Erica was born. But Brenda didn’t get along very well with Ron and Dan, Allen’s brothers. Allen went to work on July 24, 1984, and when he got home, his wife and daughter were both dead.

What Happened to Allen Lafferty?

Ron and Dan thought that God told them to kill Brenda and Erica. Allen Lafferty is 64 years old and still alive and well. Lafferty got a new partner and started a family after Brenda and Erica died. Cinemaholic says that Allen became a life guide and motivational speaker in Saratoga Springs, Utah. It also says that Allen still has faith in the LDS Church and goes to meetings every day.

Is Allen Lafferty Still Alive?

Allen Lafferty is still alive. He is 64 years old right now. Allen Lafferty found a new partner and started a family after the deaths of his wife Brenda and daughter Erica. Cinemaholic says that he moved to Saratoga Springs, Utah, and became a lifestyle guide and motivational speaker. It also says that Allen is still committed to the LDS Church and goes to services often.

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What Happened to Brenda Wight and Her Daughter?

They killed both Brenda Wright and her daughter. Later, it was found out that Ron Lafferty, the brother of her husband Allen Lafferty, killed Brenda and cut her throat, while Dan Lafferty, his other brother, cut Erica’s throat. They did this because they thought God told them to kill them. Ron said that God told him to kill Brenda and Erica. It seems that Allen knew about this.

Where is Ron And Dan Lafferty Now?

Ron and Dan were arrested at the Circus Circus casino in Reno, Nevada, on August 7, 1984, while they were waiting in line for a meal. Krakauer says that Dan testified for himself at his trial. He talked about killing Erica in a “calm voice” and told the jury not to be afraid to give him the death penalty for his crimes.

What Happened to Allen Lafferty?

Even though the jury found him guilty of two counts of murder, they could not agree on whether or not he should get the death sentence. With a vote of 10-2 in favor, his life was spared. Dan is serving a life term at the Utah State Prison at Point of the Mountain, where he is locked up.

In contrast to Dan’s trial, the jurors agreed on the right punishment for Ron, and he was sentenced to death for killing Wright Lafferty and her daughter. Ron chose to be killed by a shooting squad. But in 2019, at the age of 78, he died in jail of natural causes.

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What Happened to Lafferty Family?

We don’t know what happened to the rest of the Lafferty family, but Allen Lafferty lost his entire nuclear family when his brothers killed his wife and daughter. However, he started a new family and now seems to be happy with them.

As for the Lafferty brothers, we know that Ron died of natural causes while waiting to be executed after being sentenced to death, and we also know that Dan is still alive and serving his prison term. He is not eligible for parole. Parole is a way for a prisoner to get out of jail early, but only if they agree to follow certain rules, like checking in with their parole officers, or else they could be caught again and sent back to prison.


In late 1984, Allen Lafferty found a murder scene in his home, where his wife Brenda and daughter Erica were dead. The police found Allen, but he was not the killer. He claimed that the killer was his brother, Ron Lafferty. Allen Lafferty, 64, is still alive and committed to the LDS Church. His brother, Ron Lafferty, killed Brenda and Erica, believing God had told them to kill them. Ron was sentenced to death, but died of natural causes in 2019. The Lafferty family has since started a new life, and the Lafferty brothers have not been paroled.

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