What Happened Between Mohammed Shami and His Wife? All Details About the Case

Mohammed Shami, India’s fast bowler, is having a great time at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. He has been great in this event and has helped India win games. At the end of the first semi-final match in Mumbai against New Zealand, he had taken seven wickets. A lot of people also talk about Shami’s personal life. He no longer lives with his wife Hasin Jahan. They share a daughter. What went wrong between him and his wife Hasin Jahan? Find out everything here.

What Happened Between Mohammed Shami and His Wife?

Mohammed Shami is in great shape in the ODI World Cup, where he has already taken 23 wickets. His ex-wife Hasin Jahan hoped he “was as good a person as he is a player” while Shami was showing what he could do on the Indian cricket team. In 2018, Shami and his wife split up because she accused him of domestic abuse and cheating on her.

“We could have had a good life if he was also a good person, like what a good player he is.” If he was good, my daughter, my husband, and I could have been happy. “And it would be even more due respect and honor if he was not only a good player but also a good husband and father,” the cricketer’s ex-wife said.

Hasin Jahan went on, “But Shami’s mistakes, his greed, and his dirty mind mean that the three of us have to pay for them.” Money, on the other hand, is helping him hide his flaws. He broke records by taking seven wickets against New Zealand in the semi-final match. When asked if she felt special, Hasin Jahan said, “I don’t feel anything special.” But India’s win in the semi-final makes me happy. In the end, I pray that India wins too.

What Happened Between Mohammed Shami and His Wife?

She also talked about Payal Ghosh’s proposal to Shami, who used to be an actor but is now a politician. Celebrities keep having these things happen to them. That’s fine. “I don’t want to say anything about it,” she said. Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan are in a bitter legal fight because Jahan called the police and said Shami was cheating on her and abusing her. Since the complaint, Shami has been charged with domestic abuse and attempted to kill and cannot get bail.

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Hasin Jahan said that the cricket player and his family abused her every time they visited his city in Uttar Pradesh. But Shami always rejected Hasin Jahan’s claims, saying they were part of a plot to hurt his reputation. Before the World Cup started in September, Shami went to a local court in Kolkata and was granted bail in the domestic violence case that Hasin Jahan had made in 2018.

Mohammed Shami and Hasin Jahan Case

Mohammed Shami married beauty Hasin Jahan in 2014. In July 2015, they were blessed with a girl. Her first marriage was to Sheikh Saifuddin from 2002 to 2010, and they had two children together. This was Jahan’s second marriage. In 2018, Jahan said that Shami had abused him and been unfaithful to him. He also filed a police report in Jadavpur.

Hasin Jahan went so far as to say that Shami was involved in fixing games. The cricket player refuted all the claims. There were questions asked of Shami and his older brother Hasib Ahmed by the Women’s Cell in the same year. The Alipore Court then issued an arrest warrant for the bowler, but the sessions court stayed the order.

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Legal Proceedings and Stay on Arrest Warrant

There were court cases, and in connection with the domestic abuse case, a court in Kolkata issued an arrest warrant for Shami. But the Supreme Court stepped in and put the arrest warrant on hold, so Shami could keep playing cricket while the case was still going on.


India’s fast bowler Mohammed Shami is enjoying success at the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, taking 23 wickets. However, his ex-wife Hasin Jahan accused him of domestic abuse and cheating in 2018. Shami has been charged with domestic abuse and attempted to kill, but has denied the allegations. Hasin Jahan claims Shami and his family abused her frequently, but Shami refutes these claims. The Supreme Court upheld the arrest warrant, allowing Shami to continue playing cricket. The couple has a daughter, but the court has not commented on the situation.

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