Woh Toh Hai Albelaa (5th May 2023): Tingu's Evil Plan!


Sayuri is happy to tell Saroj that Kanha has woken up and is no longer in danger. 

Saroj is happy, but the doctor tells her that even though Kanha has had surgery, he still needs more care to get better. 

Chaman interrupts the doctor and says him they will take good care of Kanha, assuring Sayuri they will need extra money for his care.

Rashmi notices Tingu sneak away while everyone else is busy with their activities, and she pursues him. 

Tingu says he wants to end his pain and goes up to Kanha to kill him. But Kanha wakes up, so Tingu has to hide and run away.

In the meantime, Amu’s boss is making fun of her because she can’t keep Nakul under control.

Amu says that they haven’t talked, and her boss finds that Nakul has called and left a message.

Amu lies and says she didn’t answer the calls because she was busy with another client, but her boss laughs at her.

Chaman gets good wishes from everyone as he tries to talk to Sayuri alone. Nakul offers to come along, but Sayuri says no.

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