Who Does Kevin Durant Dating Right Now?

Kevin Wayne Durant is an NBA basketball player from the United States. He plays for the Phoenix Suns. Fans of the basketball player have been guessing who the player is dating.

Early Life and Career of Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant was born to Wanda and Wayne Pratt in Washington, D.C. His father left the family when he was still a child.

The couple parted up, and Durant's granny, Barbara Davis, raised him. His father returned when he was 13, and they traveled the country to basketball competitions.

Kevin Durant played Amateur Athletic Union basketball for a few teams in the Maryland area. Greivis Vasquez and Ty Lawson, who went on to become famous basketball players, were on the same teams as Kevin Durant.

During his career, Durant helped out with charitable projects. In 2013, he promised to give $1 million to the American Red Cross to help the victims of the Moore storm.

Who Does Kevin Durant Date Right Now?

Kevin Durant is single. Kelvin Durant is single and healing from his breakup with Cassandra Anderson. Kelvin Durant reportedly dated her last.

Kevin Durant and Cassandra Anderson Split—Why?

Kevin Durant split up with Cassandra Anderson in 2020, according to sources. The report may make Kelvin Durant reluctant to discuss his personal life in the future.

How Much Money Does Kevin Durant Have?

As of March 2023, Kevin Durant’s net worth is about $200 million. This makes the famous basketball player, along with Stephen Curry and LeBron James, one of the three richest basketball players in the world.

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