Unveiling the Top 10 Largest Trucks in the World!

10. Belaz 75604

Belaz 75604 has a 15.4-meter length, 7.47-meter height, and 9.42-meter width. The electromechanical dump truck has a four-cycle diesel engine with 20 V-type cylinders.

09. Liebherr T284

The truck is 15.69 meters long, 8.29 meters tall, and 9.68 meters wide. The trucks have a 20-cylinder diesel engine with 3,750 horsepower. T 284s can reach 64 km/h.

08. Unit Rig MT 6300

The truck is 14.63 meters long and 7.92 meters tall. A 3,750-horsepower 20-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine powers the vehicle. It can reach 64 km/h.

07. Terex / Bucyrus MT6300AC Dump Truck

In 1973, General Motors' Terex division built the Derex 33-19, a three-axle, ultra-glass, rigid frame, diesel/AC electric hall truck with a 320 MT bearing capacity.

06. Kenworth W990

Its elegant, comfortable interior provides plenty of conveniences and storage. It boasts a remote diagnostic system, driver assistance system, and 605-hp, 2780-Nm engine.

05. Cascadia Freightliner

It weighs 27 tons and features a complex control panel. It has object identification radar, camera, and a 615 horsepower, 3000 newton-metre engine.

04. Mercedes-Benz Actros

It's a new German automobile that's cheap and trustworthy. Long-distance heavy lugging is possible with its features. 26 tons and 22.3 feet (6.8 meters) long.


It weighs 18 tons and measures 5.8 meters. It has two 375-gallon gas tanks (1420 litres). Ergonomic controls, 2500 newton meters of torque, and 640 horsepower are included.

02. Volvo FH 16 750

The Volvo, with 6 cylinders, 16.1 litres, and 3550 Nm of torque at 1050 to 1400 rpm, is the second most powerful series-produced truck in the world.

01. Volvo Iron Knight

Superb! 4.6 seconds to 100 km/h with 4.5 tons. The 12.8-liter Volvo Iron Knight with its D13 in-line six-cylinder engine, 6000 Nm of torque, and 2400 horsepower can do it.

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