Unveiling the 10 Most Lavish Cars of 2023!

10.  Pagani Huayra Roadster BC

The topless Huayra Roadster BC, with 800 horsepower and 774 lb-ft of torque, was unveiled to celebrate. Pagani is making 40 of these cars, each with a price tag of $3.5 million.

09. Lamborghini Sian

Although based on the Aventador SVJ, this wild-looking Lambo is the brand's first production electrified alternative. Each will cost much higher than the $3.6 million Aventador SVJ.

08. Buggati Chiron Super Sport 300+

The Super Sport 300+, restricted to 30 units, is a gorgeous Chiron with fluid, sliding bodywork and a lovely stripe pattern. The supercar costs $3.9 million.

07. Lamborghini Veneno

Lamborghini made 14 Aventador-based Venenos between 2014 and 2015. Each convertible or coupe cost about $4.5 million, depending on additional features.

06. Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

The Trevita has a twin carbon rear wing, inconell exhaust, carbon ceramic brakes with ABS, airbags, paddle-shift, multimedia system, etc. This Limited-edition model costs $4.8 million.

05. Buggati Divo

By using lighter wheels, a carbon fiber intercooler, and less sound deadening, Bugatti produced the Divo 77 pounds less than the Chiron. Each automobile will cost $5.8 million.

04. Mercedes Maybach Exelero

The Exelero has a top speed of 351 km/h (218 mph), which is remarkable for a concept automobile. The $8 million supercar would cost over $10 million today.

03. Buggati Centodieci

Bugatti recreated the EB110 with the Centodieci, Italian for 110. The $9 million automobile is one of the most exclusive ever produced.

02. Buggati La Voiture Noire

Buggati. La Voiture Noire pays tribute to the legendary Buggati. It represents refinement and grace. The asking price for this all-black Atlantic is $18.7 million.

01. Rolls-Royce Boat Tail

The Boat Tail has a "hosting suite" with a built-in sun parasol and champagne fridge, a two-toned exterior, and high-end finishes. The Sweptail cost $12.8 million.

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