Top 10 Horror Video Game

Considered a masterpiece of psychological horror, Silent Hill 2 delves into the depths of human psyche, presenting a haunting narrative and atmospheric world filled with grotesque creatures and psychological torment.

Silent Hill 2

Often regarded as one of the best in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 4 combines action and survival horror elements. It features intense combat, atmospheric settings, and memorable encounters with disturbing creatures.

Resident Evil 4

The Dark Descent: Known for its immersive and chilling atmosphere, Amnesia: The Dark Descent puts players in a vulnerable position as they explore a foreboding castle while being pursued by supernatural entities.


Set in an asylum, Outlast thrusts players into a relentless and terrifying journey as a journalist investigating a series of disturbing events. With limited resources and a focus on stealth, it delivers intense scares and a sense of vulnerability.


Based on the iconic film franchise, Alien: Isolation captures the tension and fear of being hunted by a relentless xenomorph. Players must navigate a space station while avoiding the deadly alien threat.

Alien: Isolation

Although not a full game, PT was a demo for a canceled Silent Hill game. It is remembered for its atmospheric and unnerving experience, utilizing psychological horror and surreal environments to create a sense of unease.

PT (Playable Teaser)

Set in a sci-fi setting, Dead Space delivers atmospheric horror and intense survival gameplay. Players must battle grotesque creatures known as Necromorphs in a fight for survival aboard a spaceship.

Dead Space

Taking the series back to its roots, Resident Evil 7 combines first-person perspective with a return to psychological horror. It immerses players in a creepy plantation house filled with grotesque enemies and suspenseful exploration.

Resident Evil 7

This interactive horror game plays out like an interactive movie, following a group of characters trapped in a remote mountain lodge. Player choices shape the story and determine the characters' fates, leading to multiple possible outcomes.

Until Dawn

As a psychological horror game, Layers of Fear explores the mind of a tormented painter, leading players through a constantly shifting and distorted mansion filled with psychological horrors.

Layers of Fear

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