Top 09 Google Doodle Games

This iconic game celebrates the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man. You control the famous yellow character as it moves through a maze, eating pellets and fruit while avoiding ghosts.


In this Halloween-themed game, you control a black cat on a magical adventure. The cat moves through different levels, collecting various ingredients for a witch's potion.

Halloween Game

This cricket-themed game features a cricket player trying to score as many runs as possible by hitting the ball with a cricket bat. The game has a simple but fun gameplay, and players can control the swing of the bat to hit the ball in different directions.


This basketball game is a simple and addictive game where you flick your mouse or swipe on your phone to shoot hoops. The game has a basic setup of a basketball hoop, and players have to aim and time their shots correctly to score points.


This soccer-themed game features a team of four players trying to score goals against an AI opponent. The game has a simple but fun gameplay, and players can control the movement and actions of their players to try and outscore the opponent.


This game is based on the canoe slalom event in the Olympics, where players have to navigate through gates in a river while avoiding obstacles like rocks and branches.

Slalom Canoe

This game features a garden gnome trying to be thrown as far as possible by a lawn gnome. The game has a cute and playful aesthetic and is set in a beautiful garden backdrop.

Garden Gnomes

This Valentine's Day-themed game features a pangolin trying to collect love-themed objects like hearts and flowers. The game has a simple but fun gameplay

Valentine's Day Game

This game is an interactive version of the Rubik's Cube puzzle, where players can solve the cube using their mouse or touchscreen. The game has a simple and intuitive interface, and players can move the sides of the cube to solve the puzzle.

Rubik's Cube

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