Top 10 Car Racing Games for Pc

There are several different racing disciplines available in this racing simulator, as well as many different cars and tracks. Additionally, it offers rich career mode and online multiplayer options.

RaceRoom Racing Experience

This racing simulator specialises in GT3 racing and features precise car models and realistic mechanics. It offers choices for online multiplayer and a range of various tunes.

Assetto Corsa Competizione

You will smash and crash your way through a variety of various tracks and arenas in this demolition derby-style racing game. It features several distinct game modes and a terrific sense of humour.


An exquisite digital reproduction of the United Kingdom serves as the setting for this open-world racing game. It offers a vast selection of automobiles, ways to customise them, and online multiplayer possibilities.

Forza Horizon 4

There are several various racing disciplines available in this racing game, including touring cars, GT, endurance, and more. It includes a rich career mode in addition to entertaining and approachable arcade-style gameplay.

Grid Autosport

You speed through Palm City's streets while dodging police and competing against other street racers in this racing game. The gameplay is enjoyable and offers a wide range of customising choices.

Need for Speed: Heat

This racing game is renowned for its cutting-edge graphics and realistic mechanics. There are more than 180 racing vehicles available, 60 racetracks, and a number of different weather and time-of-day scenarios.

Project Cars 2

You will be racing over mud, snow, and dirt in this off-road game in a range of various cars. It includes a number of multiplayer modes in addition to entertaining and approachable arcade-style gameplay.

Dirt 5

This racing simulator is renowned for its precise car models and realistic physics engine. It offers a huge selection of tracks, vehicles, and online multiplayer options.

Assetto Corsa

With all the actual teams, drivers, and circuits, you may play this racing game and relive the excitement of Formula One racing. It offers a rich career mode and a realistic physics engine.

F1 2021

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