Tillu Tajpuriya Death: Murdered By Jitendra Gogi Gang In Tihar Jail

Tillu Tajpuriya, a mobster who was incarcerated in Tihar Jail, was murdered by the Jitendra Gogi Gang.

The internet is saturated with reports of the gangster’s death. According to the sources, he was brutally murdered by fellow inmates at Tihar Jail on Tuesday.

Who was Tillu Tajpuriya?

Tillu Tajpuriya, a native of the hamlet of Tajpur, located close to the Delhi neighborhood of Alipur, was apprehended in 2016 and has been incarcerated ever since.

In September 2021, Tajpuriya was accused of being a part of the shootout that killed Jitender Maan alias Gogi in a courtroom at the Rohini courts complex.

Gogi, a 30-year-old inmate at Tihar, appeared in court on September 24 for a scheduled hearing. Minutes after Gogi entered the courtroom, two assailants dressed as attorneys opened fire on him

Gogi, a native of Alipur in outside Delhi, was the city’s most sought thug until his apprehension in March 2020. At last count, he was involved in at least 19 homicides, heists, and extortions.

Details On Tillu Tajpuriya Death

The internet community is mourning the death of 33-year-old Tillu Tajpuriya. The notorious prisoner's death has been tweeted about by many.

The Jitendra Gogi Gang Killed Tillu Tajpuriya Inside Tihar Jail

Tillu Tajpuriya’s age of death was revealed to be 33. While in search of breaking news, Tajpuriya was ambushed by what is thought to be members of the rival Gogi Gang.

The killing of notorious mobster Jitendra Gogi has been linked to Tillu, according to the reports. Likewise, four members of Gogi’s gang were incarcerated on the ground level of Jail Number 9.

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