Top 10 Overpowered Video Game Weapons

Chell, the protagonist of "Portal," navigates the game with GlaDOS's voice, Companion Cube, and her trusty Portal Gun. The gun creates portals on a variety of surfaces and can be used to manipulate gravity and pick up or move heavy objects.

Portal Gun (Portal)

The "Kingdom Hearts" franchise is a fantasy epic about the battle between light and darkness. Sora's legendary weapon, the Keyblade, is used to open or seal barriers between worlds, allowing Sora and friends to hop from one Disney property to the next. It also looks great.

Keyblade (Kingdom Hearts)

The Blue Shell is a powerful weapon in "Mario Kart" that targets the leader of the race with a bright blue explosion. It can be attained by any player between 4th and 8th place and will travel along the track, knocking any car it hits into the air.

Blue Shell (Mario Kart)

Splatoon 2 is a third-person shooter featuring ink-based combat, with the Sting Ray being the most powerful weapon. It allows the player to fire a continuous laser that can shoot through walls and obstacles. It also allows the player to target opponents before firing.

Sting Ray (Splatoon 2)

The Hammer is a powerful weapon in "Super Smash Bros" that can knock out opponents with 30% damage and a high vertical knockback. It can also build on its own momentum and do 60% damage, making it the most powerful video game weapon of all time.

Hammer (Super Smash Bros)

The Master Sword is an iconic weapon used in many "Legend of Zelda" games, such as Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Skyward Sword. It has been used to protect Hyrule and help Link save the day.

Master Sword (Legend of Zelda)

The Energy Sword is a holy weapon of the Sangheili, consisting of an energy module and a plasma blade. It can pierce shields and armor, and has a high fatality rate, making it feared by soldiers fighting against the Covenant Empire.

Energy Sword (Halo)

The Fat Man is a powerful weapon in the "Fallout" universe that launches miniature tactical nuclear warheads. It can be used to reduce enemies to smoldering rubble, but be careful as it can be blasted with deadly levels of radiation.

Fat Man (Fallout 3)

The "Infinite Launcher" in "Resident Evil 4" is a rocket launcher with infinite ammunition, making it the most powerful video game weapon of all time. It costs 1,000,000 points and one completed run of "Resident Evil 4".

Infinite Launcher (Resident Evil 4)

The Apoca-Fist in "Saint's Row 3" is a reward for defeating Killbane, allowing players to capture his punching power by wearing oversized fists that take 2000 damage per hit. It is efficient and gross at the same time.

Apoca-Fist (Saint's Row the Third)

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