The 7 Ugliest Trucks That Can't Be Unseen!

07. Tesla Cybertruck (2023 maybe?)

The futuristic Cybertruck is totally electric. Unfortunately, this electric vehicle looks more like a cyberpunk Lamborghini than a truck (or a weird paperweight). 

06. Dodge Ram SRT-10 (2004-06)

The Dodge Ram SRT-10 looks odd with its tiny stature and big grille. Try not to scrape your pickup on a speed bump.

05. Toyota Tundra StepSide

The stepside bed's wheel wells were outside, creating a flat bed. Back tires stick out due to the outside wheel well. This truck looks weird with huge taillights and bulging wheel wells.

04. Honda Ridgeline (2004-present)

The Honda Ridgeline resembles a truck-bed minivan. The Ridgeline's unibody chassis may make it seem like a car rather than a truck.

03. Chevrolet Avalanche (2001-2013)

With a large cabin and a short bed, it's difficult to tell who the intended audience was. Surprisingly, this SUT (sports utility vehicle) survived 12 years.

02. Subaru Baja (2002-06)

Subaru's 2002 Outback Baja wasn't as appealing as Chevy's El Camino. The Baja had its advantages, even though it wasn't attractive.

01. Chevrolet SSR (2003-06)

The 2-door roadster resembled a PT Cruiser with a truck bed, inspired by 40s and 50s pickups. The SSR was powerful, but the design was unusual.

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