The 10 Most Unreliable Motorcycles You Should Stay Away From!

10. Bimota 500 V2

It started with a dream that this bike would revitalize the brand. The two-stroke fuel-injected engine disappointed its owners.

09. Suzuki TL1000

This is reflected in the rear shock of this bike. Unfortunately, while riding, it overheats, causing the rotary damper and push rods to slowly degenerate.

08. Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe

The Softail Deluxe is problematic. The twin-engine uses a cam chain system with plastic shoes. Plastic components "ride" cam chains.

07. Norton F1 Sport

The F1 Sport engine is a Norton-Mazda partnership. This bike's performance reveals Mazda's unreliability. This bike's weakest part is its tiniest.

06. Aprilia RSV4 RR

It's built for speed and performance. The engine gets hot and stressed from all that race tune. These cause additional wear and tear that prematurely ages the engine and other parts.

05. Ducati Panigale 1299FE

They're super machines tuned for speed, acceleration, and handling. Unfortunately, high-precision tuning makes them more likely to break down.

04. Suzuki RE5

As time passes, this café racer appears to grow more disappointed and despised. The bike received a lot of positive feedback when it first came out.

03. BMW S1000RR

Unfortunately, the bike required a lot of maintenance, which was expensive. As a result, individuals did not properly maintain their bikes, and they broke down regularly.

02. MV Agusta F4

The F4 is a lovely bike, but its dependability is hit-or-miss. The F4 is one of the fastest motorcycles in the world, but that also means it has a larger chance of breaking down.

01. BMW R 1250 R

Even with regular maintenance, the older 1250 R bikes were unreliable. To add insult to injury, the bikes were expensive to work on, making continuous repairs a huge money trap.

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