The 10 Most Iconic American Pickup Trucks in History!

10. 1978-1979 Dodge Li'l Red Express

It set a domestic 100mph record in 1978. This made the truck a drag strip star, completing the quarter-mile in just over 15 seconds.

09. 1993-1995 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning

A 5.8-liter Windsor V8 engine gave the F-150 SVT Lightning 250hp and 340 lb-ft of torque, allowing it to go from 0-60mph in 7.6 seconds and reach 110mph.

08. Hummer H1

The Army's Humvee was capable of performing infantry support, satellite communications, anti-aircraft, and night-time recon operations, among other things.

07. 1966-1977 Ford F-250 Highboy

These 4x4 Ford F-250 Highboys featured Dana front axles with either 8-lug Dana 44, Dana 44HD, or Dana 60 axles that were all low pinion. 

06. 1957-1960 Ford F-100

The Ford F-100 had two engines: a 223 cubic-inch straight-six that generated 139hp and 207 lb-ft, and a 272 cubic-inch V8 that produced 171hp and 260 lb-ft.

05. 1945 - 1968 Dodge Power Wagon

The Dodge Power Wagon included an inline-six engine that could produce 95hp, but the Ford flathead V8 from 1946 could only produce 89hp.

04. 1963-1971 Jeep Gladiator

The Gladiator offered Stake Bed, Wrecker, Cab and Chassis, and chassis-mounted campers. Jeeps weighed between 4,000 and 8,600 pounds, depending on model. 

03. GMC Syclone

Even by today's standards, the 3,599 lb Syclone could sprint from 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds. Top speed was 126mph, unfortunately.

02. 1990-1993 Chevy 454 SS

This beast could sprint from 0-60mph in under 8 seconds with a 3-speed automated transmission. For a heavy-engine truck, that's astounding. 

01. Dodge Ram SRT10

Dodge placed the Viper's 8.3-liter aluminum-block V10 inside the truck. It became legendary instantly. 510hp and 525 lb-ft were its outputs. 

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