Sahiba plays a prank on Angad in Teri Meri Doriyaan!

Santosh becomes upset when Seerat rejects a nice match like Karan. Seerat informs Santosh she can't always manage her and will ask Sahiba to step in.

Santosh grabs Seerat and locks her in a room. As the Brar family's oldest daughter-in-law, Manveer provides Sahiba gold  and clothes.

Indar is confused by Manveer's attitude, although she says she still honors Sahiba but is concerned about the family's reputation.

Sahiba expresses gratitude to Manveer for the presents. When Sahiba calls Seerat later, her phone is off. 

She calls Keerat and asks what happened. Keerat tells her. Keerat stops talking, though, when she sees Santosh and Seerat walking together.

Later that day, Santosh forces Keerat to dress up in a suit. At the Brar Mansion, Angad asks Veer for vital wedding cards.

Sahiba walks in and gives the boys a cup of coffee. She gives Angad cakes on purpose to annoy him, and Veer laughs at their playfulness.

Angad warns Sahiba to cease acting well since she will leave the house at night. He gives her one more day with them. 

Sahiba asks Veer to give the wedding card to Keerat and Seerat after Angad leaves. Sahiba leaves it to destiny.

Sahiba explains Veer Garry's secret and how she can't understand him. Veer promises to assist her.

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