Rishi's love story unfolds in Bhagya Lakshmi!


Vikrant is aware of the fact that Neelam shows more concern for Rishi than she does about Lakshmi. 

Dadi tells Virender that Neelam seems to have known that Rishi’s life was about to get dangerous.

In her eagerness to find Rishi, Neelam rushes to the edge of the cliff, where she discovers him crying.

Rishi has taken a seat beneath a tree and is currently looking in the direction of the location where Lakshmi was last seen.

Neelam becomes surprised when she overhears Rishi having a conversation with Lakshmi.

Rishi asks Lakshmi why she left him alone and where she went. He wants her to come get him since he can't live without her. 

He hallucinates Lakshmi and sees her extending her hand. Neelam is shocked when Rishi runs toward her. 

Lakshmi has decided to take extreme action in order to safeguard the lives of everyone.

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