Rishabh and Preeta's Emotional Meeting in Kundali Bhagya!


Palki is apprehensive about Shaurya, but she is confident that she can rely on Rajveer.

He stops Shaurya from getting the award and says that because of what Shaurya did, he doesn’t deserve to be called a young icon.

Rajveer exposes Shaurya. Rajveer sticks by Palki to exact revenge for insulting him and wins her heart. 

At the market, Rishabh meets Preeta and Gurpreet. To cheer Gurpreet up, Preeta takes her to a chaat stand.

Rishabh hears Preeta and looks in her direction. Rishabh and Preeta finally meet each other.

Rajveer insults Shaurya's character and initiates a fresh fight with him by doing so.

Rishabh finds out that Preeta is still living and helps her get back to the Luthra house by acting as a medium.

How Rishabh tells Karan that Preeta is still alive will be interesting to see in the Next Episode?

To Discover Out, You'll Have to Keep Watching Kundali Bhagya