Poker Face Part 2: Coming Soon to Reveal the Ultimate Betrayal!



Poker Face is a popular crime drama television series created by Rian Johnson in the United States.


Russell Crowe plays Jake Foley, Liam Hemsworth plays Michael Nankervis, RZA plays Andrew Johnson, Aden Young plays Alex Harris and so on.


Poker Face is a murder mystery series that follows Columbo's inverted detective story pattern. Each episode is character-driven and case-of-the-week.

Part 1

In the first episode of "Poker Face," Charlie utilizes her strong observation skills to solve the murder of her friend Natalie and her husband.


Jake intended to take a dose of serum in the concluding scene, but Victor accidentally overdosed on scopolamine, resulting in his death.


IMDb gave the movie a score of 5/10, and Rotten Tomatoes gave it a score of 9%. The average score from the crowd was 35%.


The Hudson Valley Film Commission director said filming took place from April to October 2022 in Newburgh, New York, and throughout the mid-Hudson Valley.


Poker Face is better than I expected. I wasn't going to watch it since it looked like another detective crime show, but it's not.


Poker Face part 1 is happily available on Apple TV and Roku Channel. The sequel will likely be offered on similar streaming sites.

Release Date

There hasn’t been any official word yet that Poker Face will be back for a second season. This series has been Renewed for part 2 in 2023.

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