Imlie 13th May 2023 Written Update 

The Hindi language TV show Pandya Store is very famous. In the May 12, 2023, show, Prerna is packing her bags while Krish begs her to stop.

But Prerna tells him that they can’t be together anymore because Sweta is pregnant. She cries and says Krish’s mistake has turned their lives upside down.

In the hall, Suman’s daughters-in-law are worried because the kids have eaten meat and Suman wants them to bathe in cow dung. The kids start to whine, so Dhara goes to make their food.

She gets mad at herself for making Krish unhappy instead of happy. Krish tries to stop Prerna from leaving, but Prerna shoves him out of the way and leaves the house with her bags.

Prerna tells him she can’t take it anymore and waits for an auto rickshaw or a taxi. Dhara looks worried as she follows them.

Krish Attempts to Stop Prerna!

Kanta's daughter-in-law teases Krish by saying he bounces between his wife and mistress. Shiva sniffs cow dung to bathe the kids.

Prerna exits after Dhara encourages her and Krish to go home and converse privately. At the temple, Sweta encounters Shivank. She tells him she was the reason he married Prerna.

Then Prerna walks in front of a car, and the driver tells her to move out of the way. It turns out that the driver is a known thug named Dhananjay.

Prerna doesn’t like that Dhara is there, so she gets in Dhananjay’s car and asks him to take her to the airport.

Shiva, who is the only brother who isn’t married, goes to a marriage office and asks them to find him a wife. Krish borrows a bike and follows Prerna, while Dhara follows them in a rickshaw.

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