Naagin 6 7th May 2023 Prarthna’s Secret Agenda to Unite Ranav and Bela!


The Indian TV show Naagin is about mysterious things. The story skips ahead twenty years, and the main character, Anmol, is now twenty-one.

In the latest news, Prarthna and the Professor have returned to Badarpur, and Prarthna is all set to become the new Shesh Naagin.

Naagin 6 promises a mystical, thriller, and romance-filled adventure with this new twist.

In the next episode of Naagin 6, Prarthna will try to bring Ranav and Bela closer together.

Prarthna is trying to save Meher and Raghu after Mahek gave her 24 hours to give up her Naagin powers.

During Raghu’s illness, King Takshak charged Prarthna with supervising Naag Lok in Raghu’s absence.

According to the latest leak, Prarthna is to perform at Bela's party while covering and watching Ranav, who has an obsession with Bela.

It will come as a surprise to everyone when Bela and Prarthna decide to work together to fight the forces of evil.

Stay tuned for future Naagin 6 episodes to see how Naagin and Pari overcome all obstacles.

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