Mr Beast Net Worth 2023: Early life, Career, YouTube Status & Achievements! 

On January 29, 2023, Mr. Beast, whose actual name is Jimmy Donaldson, an American YouTuber, uploaded a video in which he performed surgery that restored the sight of one thousand persons who had been born with partial or total blindness.

Early Life

On May 7, 1998 in Wichita, Kansas, Jimmy Donaldson entered the world. He spent much of his childhood in Greenville, North Carolina, with his older brother Charles “C.J.” Donaldson.

Mr Beast Net Worth 2023

As of January 2023, Mr. Beast has more over 131 million followers, making him one of the most subscribed YouTubers. He’s become quite well-known in a very short amount of time.

Mr Beast – Career

He first uploaded videos on YouTube in February 2012 and has since amassed an enormous following of genuine viewers. The videos of this 25-year-old YouTuber consistently receive millions or billions of views.

MrBeast Achievements

– Mr. Beast collected $20,000,000 to plant 20,000,000 trees. – gifted over a hundred vehicles, including a Lamborghini. – Donated a personal island – Among other strange things, he gave away a million dollars in a video.

Mr Beast Assets

MrBeast is a popular American YouTuber. He has become a very wealthy YouTuber who owns a wide variety of valuable assets. MrBeast has mansions the size of football stadiums in Kansas, Georgia, California, Nevada, and New York.

Mr.Beast has an extensive automobile collection. He has a fleet of high-end vehicles that includes Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Ford, and others. He frequently cruises the streets with his flashy cars.

Mr Beast Charity Work

Mr. Beast paid for the cataract surgery of one thousand patients in the Jacksonville, Florida area, led by ophthalmologist and surgeon Dr. Jeff Levenson.

This YouTuber is doing good in the world by paying for the cataract surgery of one thousand people who were blind or almost blind and otherwise unable to afford it. So far, almost 59 million people have seen his video


MrBeast is an American YouTuber who has achieved tremendous success and fame. Jimmy Donaldson quickly became known as MrBeast after he began his YouTube channel under that moniker.

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