Kundali Bhagya: Rajveer Proof That Showed Shaurya Put a Necklace in Palki’s Bag!


In one episode, Rakhi and Kareena advised Karan and Preeta to postpone Rudraksh and Shaurya's immunization appointment due to an eclipse.

Preeta and Karan went to the hospital despite warnings. On their way to home, escaped prisoner Anjali tried to kill Karan and Preeta in a car accident.

All four survived, although Karan was left in a coma with facial disfigurement. The Luthra family cut Preeta and Srishti off.

Preeta then stole Rudraksh, her son, from Anjali, who eventually died. 

Rajveer asked Shaurya about his personality, and Shaurya told him that he planned to get back at a girl by making a false accusation against her.

He said that Shaurya’s behavior was evil and that Palki, the girl in question, was innocent and couldn’t have done anything wrong.

Rajveer didn’t understand why Shaurya would accuse Palki of something she didn’t do and make her feel bad.

Karan asked Shaurya to explain Rajveer’s claims, but Rajveer showed video proof that showed Shaurya had put a necklace in Palki’s bag to frame her.

When Karan and Nidhi heard about Shaurya’s new plan, they were shocked.

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