Kris Jenner Sister Karen Houghton Dating 2023

Kris Jenner, the famous "momager," has a younger sister. Jenner is more famous than Karen Houghton. She writes books and nurses part-time.

Kris Jenner and Karen Houghton’s relationship has been rocky over the years, and Jenner was even accused of being rude to her only sister.

Kris Jenner's Sister, Karen Houghton, Criticizes Her

Karen Houghton told Jenner about her concerns while caring for their mother. Houghton told Mail Online she yelled at her older sister to help their mother more.

Kris Jenner Dislikes When Karen Houghton Talks About Caitlyn Jenner.

Karen Houghton said in an interview in 2014 that Kris Jenner and her divorced husband would not get back together, even though they seemed friendly.

Houghton believed Bruce Jenner left Caitlyn Jenner because he couldn't stand her shouting. She added that Kris was struggling to move on and wasn't dating.

Kris Jenner Ignored Sister on Birthday

In November 2018, Kris Jenner didn’t wish her younger sister a happy 60th birthday, which was a new low in their relationship.

Jenner always supports her family, but she didn't mention her sister's big birthday. Houghton's daughter, Natalie Zettel, celebrated her mother's birthday by posting a hospital bed photo on Instagram. 

Karen Houghton's Dates Displease Kris Jenner.

Star magazine says that Karen Houghton has been with guys who have had problems with drugs and with the law in the past.

Karen isn't in any family TV series. According to the story, Houghton's connections with confusing men had strained her sisters' friendship.

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