Karishma Sharma-Andrew Tate Dating? Love Story 

Indian actor and model Karishma Sharma is also a singer. People are interested in what she has with Andrew Tate.

Karishma is well-known for her parts as Isha in Hum: I’m Because of Us, Tina in Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2, Aaina in Ujda Chaman, and Ragini in Ragini MMS: Returns.

In November 2008, he was named the seventh-best light-heavyweight kickboxer in Britain by the International Sport Kickboxing Association.

Karishma Sharma and Andrew Tate's Dating History.

Ragini MMS student Karishma Sharma. Former kickboxer Andrew Tate is dating Karishma Sharma. The affluent businessman's trip to Mumbai boosted this story.

They hung out with each other all night. After Tate got back from India, she sent him a text message that said, “I don’t think you’re the man. I think you’re a Playboy.”

Tate explained his point of view by asking, “What’s funny? I told her, “I just slept with Karishma, and it seems like this is how she usually acts with Indian men.”

Andrew Tate’s Earnings in 2023

Andrew is a little secretive about things like how much money he has. The kickboxer still needs to tell his fans what his real net worth is.

Andrew Tate’s main business is called Hustler University. It is a place where people can learn how to make money online.

Andrew Tate, an American kickboxer, says he is worth $355 million. The story says that he teaches more than 100,000 kids.

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