Unveiling the Best Fuel-Efficient Toyota Hatchbacks and Minivans!

08. Toyota Ipsum

You can choose the FF or 4WD system as a driver. Notably, the FF drive system consumes 12 km/L and the 4WD drive system 11 km/L.

07. Toyota Raum

The fuel usage varies depending on the model. The FF drive systems consume 16.2 km/L on average, while the 4WD systems consume 15 km/L.

06. Toyota Voxy

15.7 km/L is the Toyota Voxy's fuel economy. A GPS system, airbags, moon roof, traction control, and side impact bars are also available.

05. Toyota Allex

In terms of fuel economy, the 1.8L engine consumes approximately 12 km/L, whereas the 1.5L engine consumes approximately 15 km/L.

04. Toyota RunX

The Toyota Runx is a terrific bargain car with a large interior. Average fuel consumption is 16.6 km/L.

03. Toyota Passo

Fuel efficiency is 17 km/L for the Passo. The comfortable seats and great navigation system will also please you.

02. Toyota Ractis

The Ractis is fuel-efficient with a 42-liter tank. The 1.5-liter variant gets 15.2 km/L, while the 1.3-liter gets 18.2 km/L.

01. Toyota IST

With an average fuel consumption of 11.5 km/L, the IST boasts excellent fuel efficiency. We're confident you'll appreciate the keyless entry system as well.

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